The XPrize Foundation and India

X Prize Foundation india

X PRIZE Foundation is Non for Profit organization, mainly focus on Public Competitions to encourage technological development that could benefit mankind. X PRIZE Foundation founded in 1996 located in California, USA. Indian Ratan Tata is one of trustee of the Organization.

So basically XPRIZE Foundation runs numerous competitions over the years to help push the boundaries of what’s possible with technology. and of course, The winner of competitions get huge Amount. Such competitions are over the world to  Making the Impossible Possible.

X PRIZE Foundation

XPRIZE Foundation set very audaciously but achievable goals, they leverage them millions or 10 million $ Prize who first achieve that goal win the XPRIZE without seeing who is a person, where he/she completed school, which country belonging etc.

X Prize foundation announced the numbers of X Prize competition focused on the area of Energy. Environment, Exploration, Global Development, Learning and Life Sciences.  The Objective of such foundation is to motivate individuals, companies, and organizations across all disciplines to develop innovative ideas and technologies that help solve the grand challenges that restrict humanity’s progress.

One of Famous competition offer by XPRIZE is Ansari X PRIZE, a $10m Competition to usher in a new era of private Space Travel.

XPRIZE Website:

another Famous Competition which currently running is Google Lunar XPRIZE, to sending Rover to Moon for taking Moonshot.

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The XPRIZE set up in India is because of the global expansion of XPRIZE Foundation, India is unique developing country, where confident to see what India create and take that model to another country.

“XPRIZE help to make new India, it really could change things for a nation for a billion people” said by Ratan tata, formal chairman of Tata Group

“XPRIZE in India could transform the whole aspect of India for better, so tremendous X prize going there” said by SIR Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group.

“This is the right time for XPRIZE to come in and to really ignite entrepreneurship across the India to solve its grand challenges” Zenia Tata, A program Director of XPRIZE Global Development

Website: XPRIZE India

XPRIZE Contest launch in India

Following are the XPRIZE Contest which launch with specifical challenges which Indias currently faces if it solved it also help to the world.

Water Abundance XPRIZE

Prize Money: $1.75 Mn

Power by: Tata Group and Australian Aid

Objective: Extract clean water from Air

What to do: Creating a device, that can extract 2000/ day from atmosphere, using only renewable energy, with price prosperity

XPRIZE For Woman Safety

Prize Money: $1 mn

Sponsor by: Anu Jain & Naveen Jain

Objective: Develop a tech-enabled solution for woman safety

What to do: creating a solution that ensures women’s safety, will autonomously and inconspicuously trigger an emergency alert while transmitting information to a network of community responders, all within 90 seconds and also cost no more than the US $40 to help ensure it is affordable.

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