What is UDIN?

UDIN Stands for Unique Document Identification Number, Unique Number for Each Document Attested/certified by Chartered Accountants


Till Now CA Certification and Attestation was carried out only in physical way, there was NO CROSS check option was available for Third Party, hence there was no option for third party to found such document is Genuinely attested/Certified by Chartered Accountants. Example When Utilization Certification Required by bank for Loan Fund Used Appropriately. Here if Customer of Bank go with Fake CA Certificate then bank has to rely on such certificate Because there was NO tool for Cross Checking.

How To Generate UDIN?

First Each CA will generate there login id & Password on udin.icai.org PORTAL (ONE TIME PROCESS)

Then For EACH Document attestation/certification Chartered Accountant will Generate UDIN by filing form called “GENERATE UDIN”. Such Form Required Basic Details of Client Like Firm Name/email id/Description of Document etc. after Filing Basic Details CA required to Fill Financial Figures Like Amount of Certificate contain value of Total Assets/Loan Amount etc.

Then Chartered Accountant will confirm such Document Attestation/certificate in UDIN portal via SMS OTP

After Confirmation Portal will Generate Unique Document Indentification Number (UDIN).

UDIN Algorithm?

15 digit UDIN

Algorithm of UDIN comprises of the following:
1. The Membership Number of the Member attesting the document/ certificate. (6 DIGIT)
2. The Date (dd/mm/yy) when certificate is issued.(6 DIGIT : DDMMYY)
3. The Document Serial Number allotted automatically by system (4 DIGIT)

Example : CA Membership Number :999888, date: 27 August 2018, lets take 1234 is number generated by System Automatically.

THEN UDIN WILL BE : 9998882708181234


It has been noticed that financial statements and documents were being certified/
attested by third persons, in lieu of Chartered Accountants. As these statements are
being relied upon by the authorities as true statements and certificates, UDIN can be
generated by a practicing CA by registering his/her documents/ certificates on UDIN
Portal for verification.

Who can generate UDIN?

A practising Chartered Accountant who is registered with ICAI UDIN PORTAL can generate a UDIN for certificate/ document attested/certified by him either in individual capacity or as a partner.

Whether UDIN is mandatory for the CA members of ICAI for each
certification done?
NO, At present, this facility is recommendatory. But ICAI is mulling to make the same
compulsory in near future,so as to curb the menace of fake or forged documents.

UDIN Certification Can be Checked by third Party? What is the link to crosscheck whether the certificate number so indicated is valid?
The Certificate Number can be cross checked at

How many UDINs can be generated by a CA? Is there any limit?
Unlimited, There is no restriction on the number of UDINs to be generated by a CA. Even Auto Generate Number is Containing 4 digit will NOT Restrict CA UDIN PER DAY 9999 Document.

Is any modification possible in case incorrect information such as client
reference code/number, Document Issued Under, Document
Description, Date of Document, Keywords within the document, etc.,
has been submitted?

No, change is possible in the data already registered by a Chartered Accountant in the
online system. Therefore, members are requested to thoroughly check the details in
preview option before submission of their application.
Information filled in can be edited/ modified any number of times before the submission.
But once it is submitted, it cannot be edited.

Can a Certificate number once generated be revoked or cancelled?
YES, The UDIN once generated can be withdrawn or cancelled with narration. Hence if any
user search for this UDIN, appropriate narration indicated by Member with the date
of revoke will be displayed for reference.

Is UDIN mandatorily required to be registered for the search?
Yes, UDIN will be available for search by the end user only after registration.

This is the Great Step Taken by Institute(ICAI) towards users of CA Services

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