Let’s Support ICAI’s GO-GREEN Initiative to opt for e-Journal

Let’s Try to give some contribution toward our nature, Let’s welcome ICAI Steps to support Green Initiative, Lets Join I GO Green with ICAI The Chartered Accountant journal are printed monthly to Provide useful knowledge to readers/Members. which requires huge

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India’s Team Indus Rover ECA for Google Lunar XPRIZE

Team Indus Rover ECA for Google Lunar XPRIZE

ISRO Made every Indian to proud after all its successful mission. now, it time to India proud on Private sector space industry expanding toward future. Team Indus, an Indian aerospace startup and the only Indian team in the Google Lunar

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AnyROR: Any ROR Anywhere Gujarat Land records | anyror.gujarat.gov.in

AnyROR Any ROR Gujarat Land records

Any ROR Anywhere means Any Record of Rights Anywhere. AnyROR is Gujarat online Land Record software for providing services like 8A, 7 12 land records (VF 6, VF 7, VF 8A online). such land record can be accessible (view) from Gujarat

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All You Need to Know About the Google Lunar Xprize | GLXP

The Google Lunar XPRIZE Competition popularly know as GLXP of $30 Milion Winning Prize, Awarded to First Team who successfully land rover on the moon surface, Travel 500 meter on the Moon and Transmitted HD Video and Images to Earth. So

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