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About Newser.in India

NEWSER.in is India’s Finance profession News reporter. our object to provide news in a simple way with high quality. focus on customer satisfaction and to become India’s leading finance news provider. we are India’s independent online media platform, reporting latest news related to finance, economic, taxation, law, audit, and account etc. our core area to news relented to CA CS and CWA profession and student

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to create prestige and become leading finance news provider in online news platform to Profession member and student with high-quality information by a simplified way

our Mission

to provide professional news in a responsive manner to student and professions of India

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About Founder cum Creator

My Dear Visitor! Welcome to Newser.in

My Name is Ashoksinh Gohil from India. Created and self Handcrafted www.Newser.in Website. I Created this website to provide recent news, information, sharing the ideas and Knowledge to Internet user around the world. specifically to Help Finance professional Personal, Chartered Accountant, CA Student.

You can contact me any times for any help, information, complaint, feedback or any other matters. and actually I like much if people contact me for any purpose so feel free to contact and share your experience whether good or bad I always welcome.

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