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Acko Expansion into Car Repair Services: Driving Innovation

27 June, 20243 min read

Recently Acko is about to expansion into car repair services with new service centres in Bengaluru.

The company has ventured into the automotive repair industry by opening two new service centres in Bengaluru.


This strategic move marks a significant milestone in Acko’s growth trajectory and demonstrates its commitment to providing comprehensive solutions to its customers.

Expansion into the Aftermarket Space

Acko’s entry into the aftermarket space is a calculated effort to enhance its service offerings.

By establishing service centres, Acko aims to streamline the repair process for vehicles involved in accidents. Customers filing insurance claims can now benefit from a more integrated experience, as Acko directs them to its own service centres for repairs.

This initiative not only improves customer satisfaction but also allows Acko to maintain higher quality control over the repair process.

Current Operations and Future Plans

As of now, Acko operates two service centres in Bengaluru. However, this is just the beginning.

Acko has a great plan to expand its operation and network through 100 service centres in next six months.

This rapid expansion will significantly increase Acko’s footprint in the automotive repair industry, positioning it as a major player in the market.


Financial Performance and Strategic Goals

Acko’s financial performance has been a mix of growth and challenges. In FY23, the company reported a net loss of INR 738.5 crore, a 53% increase from the previous year.

Even with this loss the operating profit of Ackp is raises with 32% which is about INR 1,758.6 Cr.

This growth in revenue reflects the company’s ability to scale its operations and attract more customers.

Addressing Financial Challenges

The increased net loss indicates the substantial investments Acko is making to expand its services and infrastructure.

By entering the automotive repair market, Acko aims to create additional revenue streams that can offset these investments.

The service centres are expected to contribute significantly to the company’s revenue, helping to improve its financial stability in the long run.

Benefits to Customers

For customers, Acko’s new service centres offer numerous advantages. Firstly, they provide a one-stop solution for both insurance and repair needs, simplifying the process for vehicle owners.

Secondly, by controlling the repair process, Acko ensures that high standards are maintained, leading to better repair quality and faster turnaround times.

This integrated approach enhances the overall customer experience, making Acko a more attractive option for vehicle insurance.

The Road Ahead

Looking ahead, Acko’s aggressive expansion strategy in the automotive repair sector is poised to redefine its business model.

The company’s ability to scale its service centres quickly will be crucial in achieving its goal of becoming a leader in both insurance and automotive repair.

If successful, Acko’s integrated service model could set a new standard in the industry, offering customers unparalleled convenience and quality.

Bottom Line

In short Acko expansion into car repair services is a bold and strategic move. It underscores its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

By opening service centres and planning for rapid expansion, Acko is positioning itself for sustained growth and success. The company’s ability to navigate financial challenges while expanding its service offerings will be key to its future success.

As Acko continues to evolve, it remains a company to watch in the insurtech and automotive repair sectors.

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