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Duni Chand is a passionate writer and writing articles about recent happening around the startup world.


SoftBank Exit from Paytm: Insights and Impact on Fintech

SoftBank strategic exit from Paytm has drawn significant attention in the financial world. This move, marked by a substantial loss, raises questions about the investment strategies and future prospects of one of the largest tech investors globally. SoftBank’s Investment in Paytm SoftBank initial invested in One97 Communications, a Paytm parent company in 2017 around $1.5 […]

Orios Venture Partners Delays Third Fund Closure to December

Orios Venture Partners, a big venture player recently postponed the closure of its third fund. Initially set to close at $150 million in December last year, the deadline was first extended to June 2024. Now the firm expecting its final close in the month of December. This delay is attributed to the departure of managing partners […]

Infra.Market Secured Funding of INR 185 Cr, Boosting Growth

Recently  Infra.Market secured INR 185 Cr in debt funding from various investors, including Yubi and Samunnati. This financial milestone signifies a crucial phase in Infra. Market’s growth trajectory, reinforcing its position in the market. Let’s delve into the details of this funding round and its implications for the company. Funding Details In a significant move, […]

Paytm Stake: Mutual Funds Increase as FIIs Reduce Holdings

The financial landscape is witnessing a significant shift as mutual funds continue to increase their stake in Paytm, while foreign institutional investors (FIIs) reduce their holdings. This trend is shaping the ownership dynamics of the fintech giant, One97 Communications Limited, which operates under the brand name Paytm. Mutual Funds Show Growing Confidence in Paytm In […]

ideaForge Expands ESOP Pool and Invests in GalaxEye Space

In a strategic move, ideaForge has expands its Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) pool. This expansion includes the allotment of an additional 95,954 stock options. This significant development underlines ideaForge’s commitment to its employees and its vision for future growth. Expansion of ESOP Pool ideaForge has made this allotment under its ESOP, 2018 scheme. This […]

Zomato Dissolved Slovakian Subsidiary: Focusing on India Growth

In a strategic move, Zomato has dissolved its Slovakian subsidiary effective 12 July, 2024. This decision underscores Zomato focus to concentrate its operations mainly in market of India. The dissolution follows the company’s announcement last September about beginning the liquidation process of its Slovakian operations. This article delves into the implications of this move and […]