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Vidyakul Akhil Hari Angira: From Intern to Cofounder & CBO

21 June, 20242 min read

In a significant move, Vidyakul, an emerging edtech startup, has elevated Akhil Hari Angira to the role of Cofounder & Chief Business Officer (CBO).

This promotion is a testament to Angira's dedication and contribution to the startup's success.


Angira’s New Role and Responsibilities

Now Angira will going to lead Vidyakul’s as a strategic partners which will help it to drive more business growth.

His primary focus will be on revenue generation and enhancing profitability.

By fostering strong relationships and exploring new opportunities, Angira aims to expand Vidyakul's reach and impact.

A Journey of Growth and Leadership

Initially Angira was joined Vidyakul as a intern in the year 2018 from where his journey started in Vidyakul.

Over the years, he demonstrated exceptional skills and leadership qualities, which enabled him to climb the ranks swiftly.

His various leadership positions at Vidyakul have equipped him with a deep understanding of the company's operations and vision.

Vidyakul’s E-learning Solutions

Vidyakul is renowned for its comprehensive elearning solutions tailored for state board students from classes 9 to 12. The startup offers a variety of educational resources, including:


  1. Live Classes: Interactive sessions with experienced educators.
  2. Ebooks: It offer a wide rang of e-books which help students by providing a e-learning material.
  3. Test Series: Practice exams to help students prepare for board examinations.

These resources provided by Vidyakul to students of mainly Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Gujrat.

By providing quality education in regional languages, Vidyakul ensures accessibility and inclusivity for a broader student base.

Strategic Vision for the Future

With Angira at the helm of strategic initiatives, Vidyakul is poised for accelerated growth.

His focus on building robust partnerships and innovative strategies is expected to drive the startup's expansion into new markets and regions.

The goal is to empower more students with accessible and affordable educational solutions.

Commitment to Quality Education

Vidyakul’s mission is to democratize education by leveraging technology. The startup's dedication to providing high-quality educational content and resources is unwavering.

Angira's leadership will further strengthen this commitment, ensuring that Vidyakul continues to deliver value to students and educators alike.

Key Takeways

The elevation of Akhil Hari Angira to Cofounder & CBO marks a new chapter for Vidyakul. The proven record and a strategic vision of Angira help him to reach new heights of the success.

As Vidyakul continues to innovate and expand, its impact on the education sector will grow, benefiting students across India.

In summary, Vidyakul's decision to promote Angira reflects its confidence in his abilities to drive business growth and enhance profitability.

His journey from an intern to a cofounder is inspiring and underscores the opportunities for growth within the startup.

Vidyakul remains committed to its mission of providing quality education and is set to achieve greater success under Angira’s leadership.

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