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Groww AMC Resolved SEBI Case: Insights & Acquisition Impact

4 July, 20243 min read

Groww AMC, a prominent name in the Indian asset management sector, recently resolved a case with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) by paying INR 9 lakh.

This settlement came after Groww AMC and Groww Trustee proactively filed a suo motu settlement application with SEBI.


The case revolved around a violation of a SEBI circular, specifically related to scheme-related expenses.

This article delves into the details of the settlement, the nature of the violation, and its implications for Groww AMC.

Background of the Case

Groww AMC and Groww Trustee faced potential enforcement proceedings from SEBI due to a breach of regulations.

The violation occurred between April 1, 2020, and March 31, 2022.

During this period, certain scheme-related expenses were incorrectly paid by the AMC instead of being deducted from the schemes themselves.

This action was against SEBI norms, prompting the need for a settlement to avoid further enforcement actions.

Details of the Settlement

Groww recently submitted a suo motu settlement application to address the issue and potential enforcement proceedings.


By taking this proactive step, they aimed to resolve the matter without prolonging the legal process.

SEBI accepted the settlement application, and Groww AMC agreed to pay a sum of INR 9 lakh.

This payment serves as a resolution for the breach of regulations concerning scheme-related expenses.

Implications of the Violation

The violation in question pertains to the misallocation of scheme-related expenses.

According to SEBI norms, expenses associated with specific schemes should be charged to those schemes directly.

However, during the specified period, Groww AMC paid these expenses themselves, which constituted a breach of the regulatory framework.

By settling the case, Groww AMC acknowledges the error and takes responsibility for ensuring compliance with SEBI regulations in the future.

Acquisition of Indiabulls Asset Management

In May 2023, Groww AMC completed the acquisition of Indiabulls Asset Management for a consideration of INR 175.6 crore.

This acquisition marked a significant milestone for Groww AMC, expanding its presence in the asset management industry.

The settlement with SEBI comes shortly after this acquisition, highlighting Groww AMC's commitment to resolving regulatory issues and maintaining a clean slate as it continues to grow.

Significance of the Settlement

The settlement with SEBI holds several implications for Groww AMC. Firstly, it demonstrates the company's proactive approach to addressing regulatory concerns.

By filing a suo motu settlement application, Groww AMC aimed to resolve the issue efficiently and transparently.

This move reflects the company's dedication to compliance and ethical business practices.

Secondly, the settlement allows Groww AMC to focus on its core operations without the distraction of prolonged legal proceedings.

By paying the settlement amount, the company can move forward and concentrate on delivering value to its investors and stakeholders.

Post Summary

In Conclusion, Groww AMC resolved a issue with SEBI by paying INR 9 lakh signifies the company's commitment to regulatory compliance and ethical conduct.

The proactive approach taken by Groww AMC and Groww Trustee in filing a suo motu settlement application showcases their dedication to resolving issues promptly.

This settlement, following the acquisition of Indiabulls Asset Management, positions Groww AMC for continued growth and success in the asset management industry.

As Groww AMC moves forward, it remains crucial for the company to adhere to SEBI regulations and maintain transparent and compliant operations.

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