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Ixigo Shares Rises 20%: Great start on Listing Day

20 June, 20242 min read

On the listing day Ixigo Shares Rises 20% which help it to achieve a significant milestone in its growth.

The Indian stock market witnessed a significant event today as ixigo, the popular travel booking platform, made its debut. Shares of ixigo saw a remarkable surge, locking in a 20% increase on their listing day.


This performance indicates strong investor confidence and marks a successful entry into the stock market for ixigo.

Stellar Debut on Indian Bourses

Earlier today, ixigo shares began trading on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) at a substantial premium.

The premium prices on which the stock was listed in both BSE and NSE are 45.16% and 48.5% respectively.

This impressive debut reflects the market’s optimistic outlook on ixigo's future growth and profitability.

Performance on the BSE and NSE

The shares of ixigo is about to lock in its upper circuit with a pricing of INR 161.99 on the BSE.

Similarly, on the NSE, the stock surged to INR 165.72, both representing a 20% jump.

This consistent performance across both exchanges demonstrates robust demand and investor enthusiasm.


End of the First Trading Day

By the end of the first trading day, ixigo's shares had appreciated significantly.

On the BSE, the shares closed 74.2% higher than the issue price, marking a strong finish. The company’s market capitalization stood at INR 6,275.87 crore, equivalent to approximately $752.2 million.

This achievement reflect the potential of ixigo in the competition in travel industry in India.

Investor Confidence and Market Response

The surge in ixigo’s share price on its listing day is a clear indicator of investor confidence.

The company’s strong market debut is likely attributed to its robust business model, significant market presence, and positive growth prospects.

Investors are optimistic about ixigo’s ability to capitalize on the increasing demand for online travel bookings in India.

ixigo’s Market Position and Future Prospects

ixigo has established itself as a key player in the travel booking sector in India.

Platform offered by ixigo offered verity of services to its customers which includes bus, train, flight bookings and so on.

The company’s innovative approach and user-friendly interface have garnered a loyal customer base, which is expected to grow further.

Story Summary

In short the recently Ixigo Shares Rises 20% which marks a significant milestone for the company.

The strong performance on both the BSE and NSE highlights the positive reception from investors and sets a promising tone for ixigo’s future in the stock market.

As ixigo continues to innovate and expand its offerings, it is well-positioned to maintain its growth trajectory and deliver value to its shareholders.

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