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Oxyzo FY24 Success: 47% Profit Growth & Unicorn Journey

12 June, 20243 min read

Oxyzo is a leading fintech company of India which offer different kinds of financial products and services to their customer. Recently Oxyzo FY24 Success help company to increase their growth up to 47%.

In a dynamic landscape where financial technology is reshaping the global economy, Oxyzo, a prominent fintech unicorn, has emerged as a beacon of innovation and success.


With its recent financial report for the fiscal year 2023-24, Oxyzo has captured the spotlight once again, showcasing a remarkable 47% surge in profits, reaching an impressive INR 290 Cr.

Let's delve deeper into the pivotal factors driving Oxyzo's stellar performance and the implications of its unprecedented growth.

Unveiling Oxyzo's Financial Success

The fiscal year 2023-24 has been nothing short of extraordinary for Oxyzo, as evidenced by its substantial growth across key financial metrics.

According to the OfBusiness Oxyzo's reported a 59% growth in their operating revenue which increased from INR 569.9 Cr to 903.3 Cr in previous final year.

This exponential growth underscores Oxyzo's relentless pursuit of excellence and its unwavering commitment to delivering innovative financial solutions to its diverse clientele.

While Oxyzo's revenue skyrocketed, it also witnessed a proportional increase in its total expenditure, which surged by 66% to INR 514.2 Cr during the fiscal year 2023-24.

This surge, compared to INR 309.4 Cr in the preceding year, reflects the company's strategic investments in bolstering its technological infrastructure, expanding its market reach, and enhancing its service offerings.


Despite the surge in expenditure, Oxyzo's robust revenue growth underscores its ability to maintain a healthy balance between investment and profitability.

Journey to Unicorn Status

Oxyzo's ascent to the esteemed unicorn club in March 2022 marked a significant milestone in its transformative journey.

The company's maiden funding round, which raised a staggering $200 Mn from prominent investors such as Tiger Global, Norwest Venture Partners, among others, catapulted Oxyzo into the realm of unicorns, increased its presense in glabal fintech market.

This infusion of capital has empowered Oxyzo to scale new heights of innovation and accelerate its growth trajectory, propelling it towards unprecedented success.

Harnessing the Power of Innovation

At the heart of Oxyzo's success lies its unwavering commitment to innovation and customer-centricity.

By leveraging cutting-edge technology, data analytics, and artificial intelligence, Oxyzo has revolutionized the fintech ecosystem, offering a diverse portfolio of financial products and services tailored to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

Whether it's facilitating seamless transactions, empowering businesses with access to capital, or driving financial inclusion, Oxyzo remains at the forefront of driving positive change and fostering economic empowerment.


In summary we can say that Oxyzo FY24 Success help company to new milestones of its growth. By this growth Oxyzo become able to achieve the unicorn status.

As Oxyzo continues to chart new frontiers and redefine the contours of fintech excellence, its remarkable performance in the fiscal year 2023-24 serves as a testament to its resilience, agility, and unwavering commitment to driving sustainable growth.

With a relentless focus on innovation, customer-centricity, and operational excellence, Oxyzo is poised to shape the future of finance, driving transformative impact and unlocking new opportunities for businesses and individuals alike.

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