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Qiro Finance: Alliance Leads Funding for DeFi Startup

16 June, 20242 min read

Qiro Finance, a promising decentralized finance (DeFi) startup founded in 2023 by Akshay Poshatwar and Nishikant Bahalkar, has recently announced a successful funding round.

The investment, led by Alliance and joined by prominent investors such as Escape Velocity, CMT Digital, Trident Digital, and Druid Ventures, marks a significant milestone for the company.


Funding Details

The round also shows participation of other investors like Escape Velocity, CMT Digital, and other venture investors.

In simple words in this funding round Qiro also partnership with other investors like Escape Velocity, CMT Digital etc.. Startups plan to use the fresh funds for its product development, scaling up its workforce, and ecosystem expansion.

Qiro Finance Mission

Qiro Finance is a fintech platform founded by Akshay Poshatwar and Nishikant Bahalkar in 2023.

The startup aims to revolutionize the DeFi space by offering a secure and transparent platform for users to access decentralized financial services.

Strategic Use of Funds

The funding round, aimed at accelerating Qiro Finance's growth and development, will primarily focus on product enhancement, expanding its workforce, and further expanding its ecosystem.

This strategic move is expected to solidify Qiro Finance's position as a leading asset-backed decentralized financial lending platform.

Industry Impact

Qiro Finance's innovative approach to DeFi has garnered attention from both investors and the crypto community.


By leveraging blockchain technology, Qiro Finance offers a secure and transparent platform for users to access decentralized financial services.

This funding round not only validates Qiro Finance's potential but also highlights the growing interest in DeFi solutions.

Future Prospects

With the backing of Alliance and other notable investors, Qiro Finance is well-positioned to drive innovation in the DeFi space. Qiro is always dedicated to develop and offer best products to its customers.

The customer centric approach of Qiro reflect the dedication toward offering cutting-edge products and services to its customers.

Final Words

As Qiro Finance continues to scale its operations, its impact on the DeFi landscape is expected to grow significantly.

The funding round reflects investor confidence in the startup's vision and its ability to deliver value to users in the rapidly evolving DeFi ecosystem.

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