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Scandron Agri-Drone Receives DGCA Certification For Expansion

8 July, 20243 min read

Scandron recently Agri-Drone receives DGCA certification and achieved a significant milestone.

This certification marks a pivotal moment for Scandron, enabling the company to expand its market reach, create new revenue streams, and set the stage for its foray into the drone manufacturing space.


Key Features of Scandron's Agri-Focused Drone

Scandron's agri-focused drone is designed with the needs of modern agriculture in mind.

It boasts a maximum capacity of 8 liters, allowing it to carry substantial quantities of agricultural inputs. The drone weighs 24.5 kg and can attain a maximum height of 196.86 feet.

These features make it an ideal tool for farmers looking to enhance their productivity and efficiency.

Benefits of DGCA Type Certification

The DGCA type certification is a significant achievement for Scandron.

This approval from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) allows the company to expand its operations and market reach.

With this certification, Scandron can now tap into new revenue streams and establish itself as a key player in the drone manufacturing industry.

Market Potential

According to a analysis it's expected that the drone market will reach up to $13 billion by 2020.


This projection highlights the immense potential for growth in this sector.

With its DGCA type certification, Scandron is well-positioned to capitalize on this growth and become a leading provider of agricultural drones in India.

Enhancing Agricultural Productivity

Scandron's agri-focused drone designed to enhance agricultural productivity.

The drone's ability to carry up to 8 liters of agricultural inputs allows for more efficient application of fertilizers, pesticides, and other necessary substances.

By reaching a maximum height of 196.86 feet, the drone can cover large areas quickly, reducing the time and labor required for traditional farming methods.

Expanding Market Reach

After getting the DGCA type certification Scandron will able to expand its market reach.

This certification is a testament to the quality and reliability of Scandron's drones, making them an attractive option for farmers and agricultural businesses.

With the ability to operate legally and safely, Scandron can now market its drones to a wider audience, both domestically and internationally.

Creating New Revenue Streams

Scandron's entry into the drone manufacturing space opens up new revenue streams for the company.

The growing demand for agricultural drones presents a lucrative opportunity for Scandron to diversify its offerings and increase its profitability.

By leveraging its expertise in agricultural technology, Scandron can develop innovative drone solutions that meet the evolving needs of farmers.

Setting the Stage for Future Growth

The DGCA type certification sets the stage for Scandron's future growth.

With this certification, Scandron can focus on expanding its product line and enhancing its technological capabilities.

The company can invest in research and development to create advanced drone solutions that address the challenges faced by the agricultural sector.

This strategic focus will enable Scandron to maintain its competitive edge and drive long-term success.

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, Scandron Agri-Drone receives DGCA type certification and mark  significant achievement that opens up new opportunities for the company.

With the ability to expand its market reach, Scandron well-positioned to become a leading player in the Indian drone market.

As the demand for agricultural drones continues to rise, Scandron's innovative solutions will play a crucial role in enhancing agricultural productivity and efficiency.

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