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SEBI Approved IPOs of Unicommerce and FirstCry: Strategic Move

2 July, 20242 min read

SEBI has recently approved IPOs of two prominent entities in the Indian market, Unicommerce and FirstCry.

This significant development marks a pivotal moment in the financial landscape. With both companies poised to make substantial strides in their respective sectors.


Every business motive behind its foundation is to generate profits through offering products and services. A business of company can generate revenue through multiple ways.

One of these ways include IPOs, where companies generate funding by offering its share by initial public offerings (IPOs).

SEBI's Approval Process

SEBI issued its observation letter to Brainbees Solutions Ltd, the parent company of FirstCry, on June 25.

Similarly, Unicommerce received its observation letter on June 28, solidifying their path towards a public offering.

This regulatory milestone underscores SEBI's role in ensuring transparency and compliance within the IPO framework.

Details of FirstCry's IPO

FirstCry, backed by SoftBank, aims to raise INR 1,816 Crore through a fresh issue of shares.

Additionally, the IPO will include an Offer For Sale (OFS) of up to 5.4 Crore equity shares.


This strategic move not only enhances FirstCry's capital base but also positions it for accelerated growth in the competitive retail sector.

Unicommerce's IPO Structure

On the other hand their are some OFS component existed in Unicommerce IPO with offering up to 2.98 Crore shares.

Unlike FirstCry, Unicommerce will not issue any fresh shares as part of its IPO strategy.

This approach indicates a different financial strategy tailored to leverage existing market conditions and investor sentiment.

Market Impact and Investor Sentiment

The approval of these IPOs comes at a crucial juncture for India's capital markets, signaling confidence among investors despite economic fluctuations.

Both FirstCry and Unicommerce's offerings are expected to attract significant investor interest, driven by their robust business models and growth potential in their respective niches.

News Summary

In conclusion, SEBI approved IPOs of Unicommerce and FirstCry underscores the dynamic nature of India's financial markets.

This approval will help both these companies to generate its funding through IPOs. It's now expected that SEBI approval of IPOs will impact the market at large scale.

It also expected that after the approval of IPOs both the companies will expand their business operations at large scale.

These developments not only highlight corporate ambitions to expand but also reflect SEBI's commitment to fostering a conducive environment for capital formation.

As both companies prepare to embark on their IPO journeys, all eyes will be on their performance and the broader implications for India's economic landscape.

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