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Swiggy Tests UPI Plug-In with Yes Bank and Juspay for Better UX

5 July, 20243 min read

Recently Swiggy comes in highlights due to its significant move of tests UPI plug-in with Yes Bank and Juspay.

With this initiative Swiggy aims to enhance and improve consumer experience by easy payment process.


The company is partnering with Yes Bank and Juspay to beta test this new feature.

Beta Testing the UPI Plug-In

Swiggy has begun beta testing the UPI plug-in, which integrates directly into the Swiggy app.

This move is expected to reduce the reliance on third-party payment apps.

By collaborating with Yes Bank and Juspay, Swiggy ensures a seamless and secure payment experience for its users.

Currently Swiggy offering this service only some of the selected members in its team. There is no announced timeline for its public launch.

Enhancing User Experience

The primary goal of this UPI plug-in is to enhance the user experience. By incorporating UPI directly into the app, Swiggy aims to make the payment process more convenient and faster.

This integration is expected to attract more users and increase transaction efficiency.


A simple and secure payment system will help Swiggy to impact the satisfaction and loyalty of users.

Comparison with Competitors

Earlier this year, Swiggy's main competitor, Zomato, voluntarily surrendered its payment aggregator license.

This move highlights a significant difference in the strategies of the two companies.

While Zomato seems to be stepping back from managing payments directly, Swiggy is taking a proactive approach to integrate payments more deeply into its ecosystem.

This difference will help Swiggy to attract more attention of customers in such competitive food delivery industry.

Importance of UPI Integration

UPI, or Unified Payments Interface, has revolutionized the payment landscape in India. Its integration into the Swiggy app is a significant step forward.

UPI enables instant money transfers and payments, making it a preferred choice for many users.

By incorporating UPI, Swiggy can offer its customers a familiar and trusted payment method. This can enhance user trust and encourage more frequent transactions on the platform.

Partnership with Yes Bank and Juspay

Swiggy's partnership with Yes Bank and Juspay is crucial for the successful implementation of the UPI plug-in.

Yes Bank brings its expertise in banking and financial services, while Juspay provides advanced payment solutions. Together, they ensure that the UPI plug-in is secure, reliable, and efficient.

This collaboration is expected to set a new standard for in-app payment solutions in the food delivery industry.

Future Prospects

While the UPI plug-in is still in its beta phase, its potential impact on Swiggy's future is significant.

The successful implementation of this feature can enhance the user experience, reduce transaction times, and increase customer satisfaction.

It can also position Swiggy as a leader in integrating innovative payment solutions.

As Swiggy is preparing for its IPO, so in that case these kinds of significant decisions can improve it.

Key Takeaways

In short, Swiggy tests with the UPI plug-in reflects its commitment to enhancing consumer experience.

With partnering Yes Bank and Juspay, Swiggy main purpose is to offer a easy and secure payment process. This initiative, still in its beta phase, holds promise for the future.

As Swiggy moves towards its IPO, such innovations can strengthen its market position and appeal to investors.

* Thumbnail Credit: Video by Muhammad Sadeeq from Pixabay

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