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Amazon Invests in Amazon Pay India Worth INR 600 Cr: Expansion

In a significant move, Amazon invests an additional INR 600 crore into Amazon Pay India. This infusion marks another strategic investment by the e-commerce giant to expand its footprint in the Indian digital payments market. With this latest capital injection, Amazon’s total investment in Amazon Pay for this year has reached an impressive INR 950 […]

Starlink and Project Kuiper: Unlocking India Satellite Internet

IN-SPACe is currently in progress to process the applications of landing rights from Starlink and Project Kuiper. Despite not yet receiving the GMPCS license from the Department of Telecommunications. These applications are being evaluated independently for landing rights, as confirmed by IN-SPACe chairman, K. Sivan. Licensing Process Overview The GMPCS license, crucial for launching satellite […]

Amazon Fresh Expands to 130 Cities, Boosts Grocery Delivery

Recently Amazon Fresh Expands to 130 cities, this will going to become a significant step of the company toward Amazon Fresh. Amazon Fresh which is one of the largest initiative Amazon recently take significant decision to expand it. This expansion now includes 130 cities across India. This move is a testament to Amazon Fresh’s commitment […]

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