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Exotel FY23 Financial Performance: Revenue Soars to INR 420 Cr

Exotel has experienced significant fluctuations in its financial performance for FY23. The company reported a substantial net loss of INR 109.4 crore, a staggering 157% increase compared to the previous year. In respective of that Exotel still successfully achieved a notable revenue growth. It successfully increased its operating revenue up to 32% means INR 419.5 […]

Awfis Shares Surge 11%, Hit Record High Amid Market Gains

Awfis has been making headlines with its remarkable performance with shares surge to 11% in the stock market. On Wednesday, Awfis shares experienced a significant intraday surge of 11%, reaching a record high of INR 611.5. Although the shares shed some gains and closed 9.3% lower at INR 599.8 on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), […]

Nykaa Projects 22-23% Revenue Growth in Q1 FY25 an Outlook

Recently Nykaa comes in highlights when it projects a robust revenue growth of 22-23% for the first quarter of FY25. This anticipated growth mirrors the previous year’s performance and showcases the company’s steady expansion in the beauty sector. Beauty Vertical’s Consistent Performance The beauty vertical of Nykaa is expected to continue its strong performance, contributing […]

NoBroker FY23 Financial Performance: Growth and Challenges

The real estate market is buzzing with the NoBroker FY23 financial performance. Despite significant growth in revenue, the company faced a substantial increase in losses for the fiscal year 2023. This article delves into the financial performance of NoBroker, shedding light on the key figures and trends that have marked its journey. Key Financial Highlights […]

Digital Invoice Financing Rises: Empowering India’s MSMEs

Recent days digital invoice financing rises with a great speed and its help in empowering India’s MSMEs. In India, small businesses are the backbone of the economy. Their are about 600+ MSMEs are in India which plays a important role in improving the Indian economy. Rural areas house 324.9 lakh of these businesses, while urban […]

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