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Vidyut Launches EV Reselling for Commercial Three-Wheelers

Vidyut is making significant strides when it announce launches of EV reselling for commercial three-wheelers. Vidyut, known for its commercial EV financing solutions, has now ventured into the reselling of EVs. This move positions Vidyut as a comprehensive player in the EV sector. The new platform initially focuses on three-wheeler commercial electric vehicles. Expanding Horizons […]

iVP Semi Secured $5M for Fabless Chip Facility in India

iVP Semi has secured $5m in funding to establish a fabless chip company in India. This significant investment will be pivotal in setting up testing facilities. It will also help in expanding its presence in the Indian market, scaling up operations, and fueling marketing initiatives. This article explores the future prospects of iVP Semi as […]

Tesla India Entry: Delays and Challenges in the EV Market

Recently Tesla much-anticipated entry into the India market is facing some significant delays. Recent developments suggest that the electric vehicle (EV) giant has halted communications with Indian authorities. This unexpected move has raised questions about Tesla’s future plans in the region. Elon Musk Postpones Visit to India In April, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk was scheduled […]

Ola Electric Solid-State Battery Revolution: Driving Future of EVs

Ola Electric poised to make a significant leap forward with its Solid-State battery revolution initiative. The Bhavish Aggarwal (company CEO) has announced a ambitious plans to introduce solid-state batteries for EVs. He says that they are going to powered by solid-state batteries as early as next year. This move marks a pivotal moment in the […]

Tata Electronics Partners with Synopsys for Dholera Semiconductor

Ather Energy is going to Expands with Maharashtra manufacturing facility. It has recently announced plans to establish its third manufacturing facility in Maharashtra. This strategic move comes at a pivotal moment as the demand for electric vehicles continues to surge nationwide. It prompting Ather to expand its production capabilities beyond its current bases in Tamil […]

Ather Energy Partnership with TATA IIS: Empowering India EV

The Ather Energy Partnership with TATA IIS is a great step towards empowering the future of EV in India. This partnership aims to bolster the nation’s capabilities in EV technology through comprehensive skill development initiatives. Ather Energy and TATA IIS Collaboration Overview Founded in 2013 by Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain, Ather Energy has rapidly […]

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