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Goldman Sachs Plans a $30-50M Investment In MoEngage

Goldman Sachs plans a $30-50M investment in MoEngage through a secondary deal with the early investors of the company. This decision underscores the confidence of Goldman Sachs in the potential of MoEngage. The Investment Landscape Goldman Sachs comes to this decision at a time when other investors have announced their own fund allocations to support […]

Exotel FY23 Financial Performance: Revenue Soars to INR 420 Cr

Exotel has experienced significant fluctuations in its financial performance for FY23. The company reported a substantial net loss of INR 109.4 crore, a staggering 157% increase compared to the previous year. In respective of that Exotel still successfully achieved a notable revenue growth. It successfully increased its operating revenue up to 32% means INR 419.5 […]

Tracxn Allocates 3.6 Lakh ESOP Shares: Insights and Impact

Recently Tracxn Technologies announced to allocates 3.6 lakh shares under its ESOP. This move is significant for the company and its employees, as it represents a substantial addition to their compensation packages. Value of Shares. The prices of these shares was INR 3.5 Cr at the time of stock last closed. This valuation reflects the […]

RateGain Expands ESOP Pool with INR 4.5 Cr Allotment

RateGain made a significant move and expands its Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) pool. This expansion involves the allotment of shares worth approximately INR 4.5 Cr. This article delves into the details of this strategic decision and its implications for the company and its employees. Details of the ESOP Expansion When it comes to a […]

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