Google Lunar XPRIZE

India's Team Indus Rover ECA for Google Lunar XPRIZE

ISRO Made every Indian proud after all its successful mission. now, it is time for India to be proud of the Private sector space industry expanding toward the future. Team Indus, an Indian aerospace startup and the only Indian team in the Google Lunar X PRIZE competition is building a privately funded Spacecraft capable of […]

All You Need to Know About the Google Lunar Xprize | GLXP

The Google Lunar XPRIZE Competition popularly known as GLXP $30 million Winning Prize, Awarded to First Team who successfully landed a rover on the moon’s surface, Traveled 500 meters on the Moon, and Transmitted HD Video and Images to Earth. So basically Google Lunar X PRIZE (GLXP) Competition Organized By The X PRIZE Foundation and […]

The XPrize Foundation and India

X PRIZE Foundation is Non for Profit organization, that mainly focuses on Public Competitions to encourage technological development that could benefit mankind. X PRIZE Foundation was founded in 1996 located in California, USA. Indian Ratan Tata is one of the trustees of the Organization. So basically XPRIZE Foundation has run numerous competitions over the years […]

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