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MedGenome Acquires GenX Diagnostics to Expands in East India

Recenlt MedGenome comes in headlines when it acquires a significant stake in GenX Diagnostics. This strategic move aims to bolster MedGenome’s presence in East India. The acquisition will combine the strengths of both companies to enhance healthcare services. Leveraging Combined Expertise MedGenome and GenX Diagnostics will work together to provide superior healthcare services. Their collaboration […]

Carefi Secured $2.6M Funding for Healthcare Fintech Expansion

Carefi secured debt funding of $2.6m from Trifecta Capital and UC Inclusive Credit. This significant investment aims to boost’s growth in the healthcare-focused fintech sector. The funds will be used for business expansion and talent acquisition, positioning to capitalize on the burgeoning fintech lending space, which saw over $270 million in growth in […]

AB de Villiers Joins Supply6: Boosting Health Supplements

Recently AB de Villiers joins Supply6, a dynamic supplement startup as a new investor. This move seen as a strategic step to boost the brand’s visibility and credibility. Supply6, founded in 2019 by Vaibhav Bhandari and Rahul Jacob, offers nutrient-rich supplements aimed at enhancing health and wellness. AB de Villiers: A Perfect Fit for Supply6 […]

Cloudphysician Appoints Mandar Vaidya as CEO of India Branch

Cloudphysician made a significant move and appoints Mandar Vaidya as a CEO of India branch. This strategic decision aims to bolster Cloudphysician’s operations and expand its footprint in the Indian healthcare market. Mandar Vaidya’s Professional Background Mandar Vaidya brings a wealth of experience to Cloudphysician. He already offered its services as a CEO at OYO for […]

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