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SoftBank Exit from Paytm: Insights and Impact on Fintech

SoftBank strategic exit from Paytm has drawn significant attention in the financial world. This move, marked by a substantial loss, raises questions about the investment strategies and future prospects of one of the largest tech investors globally. SoftBank’s Investment in Paytm SoftBank initial invested in One97 Communications, a Paytm parent company in 2017 around $1.5 […]

Paytm Stake: Mutual Funds Increase as FIIs Reduce Holdings

The financial landscape is witnessing a significant shift as mutual funds continue to increase their stake in Paytm, while foreign institutional investors (FIIs) reduce their holdings. This trend is shaping the ownership dynamics of the fintech giant, One97 Communications Limited, which operates under the brand name Paytm. Mutual Funds Show Growing Confidence in Paytm In […]

Paytm Shares Grew 9.9% After ESOP Expansion: Market Impact

Paytm shares experienced a significant grew of 9.9% intraday after the announcement of an ESOP pool expansion. This decision of Paytm help in increasing ivestors interest in company as well as market analysis. Let’s delve into the details of this event and its implications for Paytm. ESOP Pool Expansion Paytm recently expanded its Employee Stock […]

Paytm Employees Seek Reinstatement Amid Unlawful Termination

In a recent development, Paytm employees seek Reinstatement by approaching the Labour Ministry, alleging unlawful termination. This move has garnered significant attention, shedding light on the employment practices at one of India’s leading fintech companies. The affected employees are seeking reinstatement, citing unfair and unethical treatment by the Paytm management. Unlawful Termination Allegations The aggrieved […]

Paytm to Sell Movie Ticketing Biz to Zomato for INR 1,500 Cr

Recently Paytm is in a discussion with Zomato for a reason that Paytm to Sell Movie Ticketing Biz to Zomato for INR 1,500 Cr. This potential deal marks a significant strategic move for both companies, as they look to realign their core business focuses and expand their market reach. The Core of the Deal The […]

Paytm Stock Grow 6% After Samsung Partnership Announcement

Nowadays their is a news in trend about the partnership of Paytm and Samsung and due to this news Paytm Stock Grow 6%. In an exciting development, Paytm, a leading digital payments company in India, saw a significant surge in its stock price. This remarkable gain comes in the wake of a strategic partnership with […]

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