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PB Fintech Shares Grew to INR 1,544.15 and Hits Record High

Recently PB Fintech which is the parent company of Policybazaar, shares recorded a remarkable grew. During intraday trading on the BSE on Monday, the shares soared by 10.6%, reaching a record high of INR 1,544.15. This great performance underscores the great financial health and growth prospects of the company. Record High Driven by Strong Performance […]

PB Fintech Allots 48.30 Lakh ESOPs, Stock Surges 9%

There is a news trending nowadays that PB Fintech Allots 48.30 Lakh ESOPs which help company to increase its share value. The main purpose behind this decision of PB Fintech was recognize and reward their employees. By this decision company going to issue about 48.30 lakh new share under the PB Fintech Employees Stock Option […]

PB Fintech CEO Faces SEBI Notice Over $2M Investment in YKNP

PB Fintech CEO Yashish Dahiya faces SEBI notice for a $2M investment in YKNP Marketing. The scrutiny questions the disclosure of this non-material investment. The notice is linked to a $2 million investment made by PB Fintech FZ-LLC, a Dubai-based subsidiary, in YKNP Marketing Management, an outsourced marketing services provider. This investment, which took place […]

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