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Zepto in Talks to Raise $400M at $4.6B Valuation: Growth Insights

Zepto headlines by in Talks to Raise $400M at $4.6B Valuation. According to recent reports, the company is in discussions with investors to secure an additional $400 million. This latest round of funding would elevate Zepto’s valuation to an impressive $4.6 billion. The news follows closely on the heels of Zepto’s recent success in raising […]

Ather Energy Journey to Public IPO: Revolutionizing Mobility

Revolutionizing Mobility is a significant step in mobility industry. And under this step Ather Energy Journey to Public IPO place a significant mark. In a groundbreaking move, Ather Energy has transitioned into a publicly traded entity, marking a significant milestone in its journey from a private startup. This decision was solidified during the startup’s recent […]

Bira 91 Secures $25M Debt from Kirin Holdings – D Funding Round

Bira 91 Secures $25M million in debt financing from Japan’s Kirin Holdings. This significant investment is a testament to Bira 91’s growth potential and market appeal. Total Funding Reaches $252 Mn By February 2024, Bira 91 had raised over $252 million in total funding. Major investors, including Peak XV Partners and Sofina Ventures, have shown […]

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