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Jio Financial Gets RBI Approval for Core Investment Company

Jio Financial Services has received approval from the RBI to transform from a NBFC into a core investment company. This transition marks a strategic shift for JFS, positioning it for more focused investment activities within the Reliance Group. Transition to Core Investment Company This approval is result of the strategic decision taken by JFS in […]

Tesla India Entry: Delays and Challenges in the EV Market

Recently Tesla much-anticipated entry into the India market is facing some significant delays. Recent developments suggest that the electric vehicle (EV) giant has halted communications with Indian authorities. This unexpected move has raised questions about Tesla’s future plans in the region. Elon Musk Postpones Visit to India In April, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk was scheduled […]

Nykaa Expands to Qatar with Nysaa Cosmetics: 70 GCC Stores

Nykaa is making significant strides by expands itself to Qatar which is its international footprint. The company’s recent move to establish a subsidiary in Qatar underlines its ambitions to capture a substantial share of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) market. This article delves into Nykaa’s strategic expansion, its new subsidiary, and the future plans for […]

Reliance to Launch Shein in India: Fast Fashion Revolution

Recently Reliance Industries set to launch the IPO-bound Chinese fast fashion brand Shein in India. This move marks a significant step in expanding Shein’s global footprint and further diversifying Reliance’s retail portfolio. The partnership brings together Reliance’s retail prowess and Shein’s expertise in fast fashion. This deal will focus in creating a formidable presence in […]

Amazon Fresh Expands to 130 Cities, Boosts Grocery Delivery

Recently Amazon Fresh Expands to 130 cities, this will going to become a significant step of the company toward Amazon Fresh. Amazon Fresh which is one of the largest initiative Amazon recently take significant decision to expand it. This expansion now includes 130 cities across India. This move is a testament to Amazon Fresh’s commitment […]

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