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Zomato Shares Surge 5X in 2 Years, Hit Record High of INR 214

Zomato recently seen a surge of 5X in its shares which take its stock price to unprecedented heights. This rise in Zomato shares price help it to attract a significant attention in the market. In this article, we will delve into the factors contributing to this surge and what it means for the company’s future. […]

Zomato Shares Grew to All-Time High After ESOP Plan Approval

Zomato, a leading food delivery and restaurant discovery platform, has made headlines once again when its shares grew. On Tuesday, Zomato shares soared to an all-time high, reaching INR 209.75 per share. This surge in stock price followed the approval of a significant employee stock option plan (ESOP) by its shareholders. The approval has set […]

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