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aware ! before relying on online information

1 November, 20161 min read

This article about how much should you rely information that available on the internet and publish every day. however we do not tell you about internet terrorism but about information that's you are searching on google,  yahoo or bing, and another search engine, that's after coming to a final conclusion that's what is right and what is wrong.

every day, every minute publishing millions of article and information online, millions of new images uploaded because of internet used by everybody it is important to know that information available are how much true and what is false. currently, there is no standard which checks that information public are should be true or not any medium or process for checking information online. we generally assume that whatever published online are true but you should aware that some of that information may not true and providing false data.


we search information on the search engine like google, yahoo etc., there google just collecting information whatever publish in a particular website


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