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Byju Raveendran Fails due to Ignoring Feedback: Unacademy CEO

30 June, 20242 min read

Recently the CEO of Unacademy Gaurav Munjal reveals that Byju Raveendran fails due to ignoring feedback.

Byju Raveendran, the founder of BYJU'S, once hailed as a visionary in the edtech industry, has recently faced significant criticism. According to Unacademy CEO Gaurav Munjal, Raveendran's downfall can be attributed to his failure to listen to others.


Munjal’s insights shed light on the importance of humility and feedback in leadership, especially in the startup ecosystem.

The Danger of Not Listening

Gaurav Munjal says that Byju Raveendran put himself on pedestal and stop taking feedback and advices.

This behavior, he emphasized, is detrimental to any leader. In the fast-paced world of startups, feedback from various stakeholders is crucial.

It helps founders navigate challenges, adapt to changing market conditions, and improve their products or services.

Acting on Feedback: A Key to Success

He also says that a founders should always focus on acting on taken feedback instead only taking feedback.

Ignoring valuable input from team members, investors, and customers can lead to misguided decisions and strategic errors. This principle is essential for sustaining growth and achieving long-term success.

Munjal's own experience at Unacademy underscores the value of a feedback-driven approach.


The Overvaluation Trap

Reflecting on the startup valuations of 2021, Munjal described them as bloated.

During this period, many startups, including BYJU'S, saw their valuations skyrocket. However, these inflated valuations often lacked a solid foundation in actual business performance.

Munjal's critique highlights the risks of chasing high valuations without a corresponding focus on sustainable business practices.

Industry-Wide Reputational Damage

Earlier this year, upGrad’s Ronnie Screwvala commented on the broader implications of BYJU'S struggles.

He mentioned that the issues faced by BYJU'S were causing reputational damage to the entire edtech industry.

According to Screwvala, the actions of one rotten apple can have far-reaching consequences, affecting investor confidence and the public perception of the sector.

Learning from Mistakes

The story of Byju Raveendran serves as a cautionary tale for entrepreneurs.

It underscores the importance of staying grounded, seeking and acting on feedback, and maintaining realistic valuations. For aspiring founders, these lessons are invaluable.

Success in the startup world is not just about having a great idea; it’s about executing it with humility, adaptability, and a focus on long-term sustainability.

Author Note

In conclusion, Byju Raveendran fails is a critical lessons for the startup community.

As Gaurav Munjal highlighted, listening to feedback and acting on it is crucial for any leader.

Furthermore, avoiding the trap of inflated valuations and maintaining a strong ethical foundation can help startups navigate the challenges of growth and competition.

By embracing these principles, founders can build resilient and reputable businesses that stand the test of time.

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