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OPPO Claims Debt from BYJU Worth INR 13 Cr: Legal Battle

28 June, 20243 min read

Recently, OPPO claims debt from BYJU worth INR 13 Cr and informed the NCLT that BYJU’S owes INR 13 crore.

This revelation has raised significant concerns within the tech and education sectors, highlighting potential financial discrepancies and contractual obligations between major industry players.


The Agreement: Preinstallation of BYJU’S Apps

According to OPPO, an agreement was established with BYJU’S to preinstall the edtech platform’s applications on OPPO mobile phones.

This strategic move aimed to leverage OPPO’s extensive customer base to expand BYJU’S reach among mobile users.

The preinstallation would ensure that BYJU’S educational content was readily accessible to a wider audience, fostering increased engagement and user acquisition.

However, despite the agreement, BYJU’S reportedly failed to fulfill its financial commitments.

OPPO claims that the edtech giant did not pay the agreed-upon amount of INR 13 crore, leading to a significant financial dispute.

The failure to honor this agreement has prompted OPPO to seek legal intervention from the NCLT.

Promoters 'Absconding'

Adding to the complexity of the situation, OPPO has alleged that the promoters of BYJU’S are 'absconding.'


This term suggests that the individuals responsible for managing and leading BYJU’S are avoiding their responsibilities and are not accessible for resolution discussions.

The absence of BYJU’S promoters in addressing the financial dispute has further intensified the urgency for legal action.

OPPO’s plea to the NCLT underscores the need for immediate intervention to resolve the matter. The company is seeking urgent orders to address the financial discrepancies and ensure that the agreed payments are made.

This legal move aims to hold BYJU’S accountable for their contractual obligations and mitigate any further financial losses for OPPO.

The NCLT hearing on this plea has been a critical step in addressing the financial dispute.

However, the tribunal has adjourned the hearing until July 3. This adjournment provides both parties with a brief period to potentially negotiate and reach a resolution outside of the courtroom.

Nevertheless, the pending hearing keeps the door open for legal recourse if a mutual agreement is not achieved.

Implications for the Edtech and Mobile Industries

This dispute between OPPO and BYJU’S has broader implications for both the edtech and mobile industries.

For the edtech sector, it highlights the challenges and complexities of forming strategic partnerships with hardware manufacturers.

Ensuring that financial and contractual obligations are met is crucial for maintaining trust and fostering long-term collaborations. For the mobile industry, this case underscores the importance of due diligence when entering into agreements with content providers.

Manufacturers must ensure that their partners are financially stable and capable of honoring their commitments to avoid potential legal and financial repercussions.

Moving Forward

As the hearing date approaches, all eyes will be on the NCLT’s decision and the potential resolution of this financial dispute.

Both OPPO and BYJU’S are major players in their respective industries. and the outcome of this case could set a precedent for future partnerships and agreements.

In conclusion, OPPO move to inform the NCLT about claims of Debt from BYJU worth INR 13 crore sheds light on significant contractual and financial issues.

The allegations of absconding promoters and the urgent plea for legal intervention highlight the severity of the situation.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the edtech and mobile industries will closely monitor the developments. And also understanding the critical need for accountability and transparency in business agreements.

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