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Google Pauses RMG App Listings: Impact and Industry Reactions

22 June, 20242 min read

Recently Google pauses RMG app listings by announcing a pause on listing Real Money Gaming (RMG) apps on the Play Store in India and globally.

This decision has significant implications for developers and users who rely on these apps for entertainment and monetary purposes.


Expansion Plans on Hold

Initially Google was about to increase its RMG support for their developers for some countries like India, Mexico, and Brazil.

This expansion was set to launch in June. However, the tech giant has now paused these plans, citing several challenges that need to be addressed before moving forward.

Challenges Faced by Google

Google has identified the absence of a central licensing framework as one of the primary obstacles.

Without a unified licensing system, it becomes challenging to regulate and ensure compliance across different regions.

Additionally, the complexities in developing an appropriate monetization model for RMG apps further complicate the process.

These issues have forced Google to reconsider its approach and delay the expansion.

Industry Reactions

This decision of Google is not accepted and well-received by multiple parties in the industry.


The All India Gaming Federation (AIGF) has labeled Google's move as arbitrary and anti-competitive.

AIGF argues that the decision to extend the grace period for the pilot program, which allowed existing apps offering Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) and Rummy games to operate, creates an uneven playing field.

They believe this extension unfairly favors certain developers while hindering others.

Impact on Developers and Users

For developers, this pause means a significant delay in their plans to launch new RMG apps or expand existing ones to new markets.

The uncertainty surrounding the licensing and monetization models adds to their challenges.

On the user side, this decision could limit the availability of RMG apps, potentially reducing their entertainment options.

Future Prospects

Despite the current pause, there is still hope for the future of RMG apps on the Play Store.

Google is likely to continue working on resolving the licensing and monetization issues.

Once a viable solution is found, the expansion plans might resume, offering developers and users new opportunities.

Author Opinion

In conclusion the decision by which Google pauses RMG app listings on the Play Store in India as well as globally highlights the complexities of operation due to varying regulations.

While this move has faced criticism from industry players, it underscores the need for a robust and unified approach to licensing and monetization.

As Google works through these challenges, the future of RMG apps remains uncertain but promising.

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