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Google Translate Adds 7 Indian Languages, Expands Globally

Google has  adds 7 Indian languages support to its Google Translate service. This move showcases Google’s commitment to enhancing accessibility and inclusivity through technology. The new additions are powered by Google’s advanced in-house language model, PaLM 2, ensuring accurate and efficient translations. Expanding Language Support Google improving Google Translate as it adds 7 Indian langiages […]

Google Pauses RMG App Listings: Impact and Industry Reactions

Recently Google pauses RMG app listings by announcing a pause on listing Real Money Gaming (RMG) apps on the Play Store in India and globally. This decision has significant implications for developers and users who rely on these apps for entertainment and monetary purposes. Expansion Plans on Hold Initially Google was about to increase its […]

Nokia Strategic Shift: Designing Future Telecom Infrastructure

Nokia one of the largest Finland Smartphone manufacturing company is about to move design work to India by Nokia strategic shift. This development highlights Nokia’s recognition of India’s growing importance in the global manufacturing landscape. Localization and Value Chain Nokia aims to localize more of its operations, reflecting a strategic initiative to move up the […]

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