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Govt Launches Scheme to Onboard 5 Lakh MSMEs on ONDC

29 June, 20242 min read

The govt. has introduced a new initiative and launches scheme to onboard 5 lakh to integrate into the ONDC

This scheme aims to onboard 5 lakh MSMEs, providing them with the tools and support needed to sell their products.


Focus on Women-Owned Enterprises

An important aspect of this initiative is its emphasis on supporting women-owned enterprises.

The scheme ensures that half of the beneficiary MSMEs will women-led businesses.

This move is expected to empower women entrepreneurs and promote gender equality in the business sector.

Recent Developments and Background

Last week, reports indicated that the government was preparing to launch this scheme to assist MSMEs in joining the ONDC.

The objective is to provide these enterprises with a platform to reach a broader market, thereby boosting their sales.

MSME TEAM and Yashasvini Initiatives

In addition to the ONDC onboarding scheme, the government has also launched other supportive initiatives.

One such initiative is MSME TEAM, which focuses on enhancing the overall capabilities of MSMEs.


Another significant initiative is Yashasvini, designed specifically for women-owned informal micro-enterprises.

This program aims to formalize these businesses and offer capacity building, training, handholding, and mentorship.

Benefits of the ONDC Integration

The integration with ONDC offers numerous benefits for MSMEs. By joining the digital commerce network, these enterprises can:

  1. Expand Market Reach: ONDC provides a platform for MSMEs to showcase their products to a wider audience, beyond their local markets.
  2. Increase Sales: Access to a broader customer base can lead to increased sales and revenue.
  3. Enhance Competitiveness: Being part of a digital network enables MSMEs to compete more effectively with larger businesses.
  4. Access to Digital Tools: MSMEs can leverage various digital tools and resources available on the ONDC platform to improve their operations and marketing strategies.

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

The focus on women-owned enterprises is a key component of the government's strategy.

As this scheme mainly focus on women entrepreneurs so that's why it underscores the importance of women entrepreneurs in the industry.

The Yashasvini initiative plays a crucial role in this by providing the necessary training and mentorship to help women-owned businesses thrive.

News Summary

In short, we can say that Govt launches scheme to onboard 5 lakh MSMEs on ONDC is a significant step towards digital transformation and economic growth.

By focusing on women-owned enterprises and offering additional support through initiatives like MSME TEAM and Yashasvini, the government is fostering an inclusive and competitive business environment.

This move is expected a positive impact on the MSME sector, driving innovation and growth in the digital economy.

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