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Let's Support ICAI's GO-GREEN Initiative to opt for e-Journal
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Let’s Try to give some contribution toward our nature,

Let’s welcome ICAI Steps to support Green Initiative,

Lets Join I GO Green with ICAI

The Chartered Accountant journal is printed monthly to Provide useful knowledge to readers/Members. which requires a huge quantity of paper from Trees.

In order to save our environment, the Editorial Board of ICAI has decided to sincerely endorse the Institute’s GO-GREEN agenda, by persuading its member-readers to discontinue receiving their individual physical/hard copy of the journal and to Provide an e-journal by email.

How Can You Support?

If you Want to contribute your responsibility towards the Green Initiative, please go to the link “I Go Green With ICAI”, submit your consent, and support the ICAI’s green agenda.

  1. Click HERE to support this green move and submit your consent.
  2. Fill up form by providing Your Membership No and Date of Birth
  3. Received email of soft copy of Journal every Month from ICAI

Ways You Can Get e-Journal

Benefits of The Chartered Accountant e-Journal

Let’s See How many Trees can be saved per year, If All Member Join I GO GREEN i.e use e-Journal

No. of journal printed every Month (a)275000
No. of Journal printed every Year (a) x 12= (b)3300000
Total No. of pages Printed Per Year (b) x 150 Avg. per journal495000000
Average sheets can produced from an average treeApprox 100000
No. of Tree Can be Save4950 Per year

Other Benefit’s of The Chartered Accountant e-Journal

  • Can be Available Anytime, and received As soon as published
  • Cost Saving to members
  • Save cost to ICAI for Printing, Admin, and Transporation.

A quality of environment can be considerably improved if we decide and act together.

Hence, Let’s agree to Say no to hard copy, Save Trees and to be a responsible profession. Give your consent to email a soft copy of the Journal.

Have You Submitted your consent to receive the Soft copy? comment..

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