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Latest UPI Transactions: Growth, Trends, and June 2024 Update

1 July, 20242 min read

Recently UPI transactions in India decreased in June, 2024 and dropped to 13.89 billion.

Despite this marginal dip, the overall growth trajectory of UPI transactions remains robust.


This article delves into the recent data, provided by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), and explores the trends and implications of these figures.

Year-On-Year Growth in Transaction Count

According to the NPCI  the year by year transactions of UPI are increased with a growth rate of 49%.

This significant growth indicates the increasing adoption and reliance on Unified Payment Interface for everyday transactions. The convenience and speed offered by UPI have made it a preferred mode of payment for millions of Indians.

Businesses, both big and small, have integrated UPI into their payment systems, further driving its adoption.

Comparison of Transaction Volumes

In June 2024, the transaction volume stood at INR 20.07 lakh crore, representing a 1.9% decrease from May's INR 20.45 lakh crore.

While this dip might seem concerning at first glance, it is essential to consider the broader context. On a YoY basis, the transaction volume surged by 36%.

This substantial growth underscores the increasing value of transactions being conducted via Unified Payment Interface, reflecting a shift towards a cashless economy.


Analyzing the Marginal Dip

Their was a slight decline in the total UPI transactions in June 2024 in comparison to May 2024 due to several factors.

Seasonal variations in consumer spending habits, policy changes, or technical upgrades within the UPI system could all play a role.

However, the consistent YoY growth highlights the resilience and upward trajectory of UPI transactions.

The Role of NPCI and Government Initiatives

The NPCI, as the umbrella organization for retail payments in India, has been instrumental in the success of UPI.

Various government initiatives aimed at promoting digital payments have also contributed significantly.

Incentives for merchants, awareness campaigns, and collaborations with banks and fintech companies have all played a part in this digital transformation.

Future Outlook for UPI Transactions

In respective of future of UPI, Its expected that in future the UPI will get more attention and will attract more users.

With continuous advancements in technology and increasing smartphone penetration, more users are likely to adopt UPI.

Additionally, the introduction of new features and improvements in the UPI framework will enhance user experience, further driving growth.

News Summary

In conclusion, while UPI transactions saw a marginal dip in June 2024, the overall trend remains positive.

The year by year increasing UPI transactions volume underscores a strong and sustained adoption of digital payments in India.

As NPCI and government initiatives continue to foster this growth, the future of UPI looks bright, promising a more seamless and efficient payment experience for users.

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