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New-Age Tech Stocks Rally, Mamaearth Faces Setback This Week

17 June, 20243 min read

In the latest market updates, new-age tech stocks Rally, riding the bull run in the broader market.

The gains range from a modest 0.1% to an impressive 27%, with TAC Infosec emerging as the top gainer.


However, not all stocks shared the same fortune. Following a major block deal, Mamaearth became the biggest loser, with shares falling by 2.2%.

Tech Stocks on the Rise

The recent market trend has been favorable for new-age tech stocks. The positive movement has been attributed to several factors, including investor optimism and strong performance in the tech sector.

Among the top performers, TAC Infosec stands out with a remarkable 27% gain. By this growth new investors comes over their to invest in the company.

Another notable performer is GlitzyTech, which saw a 15% increase. The company’s recent product launch has driven this upward momentum.

Similarly, FinTrackers, a fintech company, gained 12%, thanks to its strong quarterly results and positive future outlook.

Benchmark Indices Achieve Record Highs

The broader market also showed robust performance this week. Benchmark indices, Sensex and Nifty50, both recorded gains. Company recorded all times high of Sensex with 0.39%.

Similarly, Nifty50 saw a 0.75% increase, closing at a record high of 23,465.60. These growth overall help company to improve its market presence.


Mamaearth’s Decline

Contrary to the general trend, Mamaearth experienced a setback this week. Following a significant block deal, the company’s shares fell by 2.2%. This decline makes Mamaearth the biggest loser among the new-age tech stocks.

Analysts attribute this drop to profit booking and the impact of the block deal on investor sentiment.

Market Sentiment and Future Outlook

The bullish trend in new-age tech stocks is a reflection of the broader market sentiment.

Investors are showing increased interest in tech companies, driven by their growth potential and innovation. The tech sector’s resilience during economic uncertainties has further strengthened investor confidence.

Looking ahead, market experts predict continued growth in the tech sector.

Companies that focus on innovation and adapt to market changes are expected to perform well. However, the market remains dynamic, and investors are advised to stay informed about market trends and company performance.

Key Takeaways

  1. New-Age Tech Stocks Rally: Eighteen out of the 23 new-age tech stocks gained this week. The gains ranged from 0.1% to over 27%, with TAC Infosec emerging as the top gainer.
  2. Benchmark Indices Achieve Record Highs: Sensex and Nifty50 both recorded gains, with Sensex ending the week at an all-time high close of 76,992.77 and Nifty50 at 23,465.60.
  3. Mamaearth’s Setback: It become a part of the list of those companies which loss in the week.
  4. Positive Market Sentiment: The overall market sentiment remains positive, driven by investor optimism and strong performance in the tech sector.


In short recently new-age tech stocks Rally which reflect the company presence in market and also attract new investors to the company.

With companies like TAC Infosec and GlitzyTech leading the charge, the tech sector continues to attract investor interest.

While Mamaearth’s decline serves as a reminder of market volatility, the overall trend remains positive. As the market evolves, staying informed and adaptable will be key for investors looking to capitalize on these opportunities.

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