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There is huge interest in Indian Startup Business Reports and Updates, but there is a lack of professional and Original content websites. and we see such a huge opportunity. we are Initiating our new project into startup-related news, updates, and Insight.

Our Journey

We Started With a small Website for content relating financial sector at the initial stage. We first launched the website in 2016. and update the website at some intervals.

At Newser, we started Creating a New Outlook for our website at the beginning of Dec 2023.

What we are going to serve in the field of startup and technology business is as follows.

Scoop – Latest News on Indian Startup

Best way to update whether it is in the Indian Startup Industry, Indian Technology business, or Indian Business entrepreneur venture. we will cover all events at original and from source. You will receive a Scoop of information as you want and as per your need, we called Newser Scoop, Startup News Scoop, from Newser

Latest News Archives – Newser

Startup Insights

Startup Insights covers Story updates, ideas, and innovations from the Indian Startup industry only. This is for specific interest groups who want information about startups only.

Startup Insights Archives – Newser


A deep report on technology, digital payment, and Electric vehicle adoption analyses and articles are covered in Articles. We will regularly update such articles to ensure that we give the latest knowledge to our readers in the field of Indian technology business.

Articles Archives – Newser

Startup Funding

The latest funding round of the Indian startup story covers Startup funding.


Here, We cover the Acquisition of a merger of Small and Big Indian Companies and their latest news.


Some of the Handpicked Startup and Technology Business Topicsin, which are interesting are as follows.

AI – Artificial intelligence

Our News Coverage covers the latest AI developments, not only Indian but also global such as ChatGPT, Google Deepmind & Bard, Claude, Grok, Ola Krutrim

VR – Virtual Reality

An exciting field and future-ready tech launching, development cover in Virtual reality. such as new product launches by Meta Quest, Apple Vision, Playstation VR, Microsoft Hololence, and Jio VR.


India’s electric vehicle adoption and government initiatives promoting EVs will be covered in the EV section. Here, you can find monthly increases in market share for EV companies, including 2-wheeler electric vehicle sales by Ola Electric, Ather Energy, Ampere, Simple, TVS, Hero, and Bajaj. The same applies to 4-wheeler electric vehicle companies such as Tata, Mahindra, MG Motor, Suzuki, and other manufacturers

Self Driving

An underrated topic in the Indian tech industry, but we are seeing huge potential in the field of Self Driving technology in India


Indian Spacetech and the latest government initiative to backfire the Indian space technology sectors are important areas we want to cover in our stories


India’s Booming Fintech Sector is an unnoticeable sector and its growth no one can ignore, here our main area will be giving deep understanding and analyses such as digital payment, new regulations relating to UPI, ONDC, and Credit card business.


Agritech has huge potential but not many startups are coming to this sector, our special focus is Indian Agritech Startup Innovation and opportunity.


Our e-gove mission covers The government’s mission in the realm of governance and encompasses initiatives such as Digital India, Startup India, and Make in India. we publish the latest e-governance efforts which will focus on laws, regulations, and developmental measures that directly impact the Indian startup ecosystem

About Newser publishes Indian Technology and Business Startup News, the Latest updates on funding and Acquisition,  Stories, and Analyses on the Indian Tech industry and Entrepreneur.

Newser Contact

you can contact Newser with our team anytime. link as bellow

Contact Us – Newser

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