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Schoolnet Acquires Genius Teacher App to Expand Edtech Reach

10 July, 20242 min read

Schoolnet has made a significant move and acquires Genius Teacher, a learning app co-founded by Advitiya Sharma.

This strategic buyout marks a new chapter for both companies.


Schoolnet, based in Noida, aims to leverage Genius Teacher’s market presence to expand its reach across India.

The Acquisition Impact

With this acquisition, Schoolnet plans to reach over 10,000 private schools in the next three years.

This ambitious goal highlights the company's commitment to enhancing educational technology in India.

Its innovative approach to learning will undoubtedly play a crucial role in achieving this objective.

Genius Teacher Background

Genius Teacher, founded by Advitiya Sharma, has gained substantial recognition in the edtech sector.

The app raised INR 24.6 Cr (approximately $3 Mn) from a group of angel investors, including Kunal Shah, the founder of CRED.

This financial backing underscores the app’s potential and market credibility.


Advitiya Sharma New Role

As part of the acquisition deal, Advitiya Sharma will join Schoolnet as the Chief Growth Officer.

His expertise and vision will be instrumental in driving Schoolnet's growth and expanding its educational initiatives.

Sharma’s role will focus on scaling the company's operations and enhancing its market presence.

Schoolnet Expansion Strategy

Schoolnet decision to acquire Genius Teacher aligns with its broader strategy to dominate the edtech market.

By integrating Genius Teacher’s innovative features and user base, Schoolnet aims to offer a comprehensive educational platform that caters to a wide range of learning needs.

Reaching New Heights

The acquisition is a strategic move to enhance Schoolnet’s offerings and extend its reach.

With Genius Teacher’s established market presence, Schoolnet is poised to make significant strides in the edtech landscape.

The integration of Genius Teacher’s technology and resources will provide Schoolnet with the tools needed to achieve its ambitious goals.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Schoolnet acquires Genius Teacher  app and represents a pivotal moment in the edtech industry.

The collaboration between these two entities promises to deliver innovative educational solutions to thousands of private schools across India.

As Advitiya Sharma takes on his new role, the future looks bright for both Schoolnet and Genius Teacher.

This strategic move not only strengthens their market position but also sets the stage for significant growth and development in the educational technology sector.

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