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Ola Maps: Bhavish Aggarwal Offers Free Access to Developers

9 July, 20242 min read

Ola CEO, Bhavish Aggarwal, has made a significant announcement about Ola Maps aimed at developers worldwide.

In a recent move, Aggarwal has urged developers to move away from Google Maps and embrace Ola's Maps instead.


This strategic decision comes with an enticing offer: one year of free access to Ola Maps on the AI-driven Krutrim platform.

The announcement was made through a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, and it has created a buzz in the tech community.

A Call to Action: #ExitGoogleMaps

Bhavish Aggarwal's message was clear and direct. He used the hashtag #ExitGoogleMaps to rally developers towards Ola Maps.

This move follows his previous campaign encouraging developers to move away from Microsoft Azure.

By leveraging social media, Aggarwal has managed to capture the attention of a large audience.

The Offer: One Year Free Access

Aggarwal announcement highlight the offer of one year free access of Ola's Maps for developers.

This offer is available to all developers who are willing to make the switch. Ola's Maps, integrated with the Krutrim platform, promises to provide advanced AI-driven mapping solutions.


This initiative is expected to attract developers who are looking for innovative and cost-effective mapping services.

Over INR 100 Cr in Free Credits

Bhavish Aggarwal also promise to give free credits of over 100 Cr to developers along with free access to maps.

This substantial incentive is likely to encourage many developers to explore Ola's Maps.

The credits can be used to enhance their projects, making the switch even more appealing.

Why Ola Maps?

Ola Maps, powered by the Krutrim platform, offers several advantages over traditional mapping services.

The AI-driven platform help in ensuring the accuracy and efficiency in mapping solutions.

Developers can leverage these features to create superior applications and services.

The free access and credits further enhance the appeal of Ola Maps, making it a competitive alternative to Google Maps.

The Impact on the Developer Community

Bhavish Aggarwal announcement will leave a huge impact on the developers community.

By offering free access and substantial credits, Ola is lowering the barrier to entry for its mapping services. Developers who were previously reliant on Google Maps may now consider switching to Ola Maps.

The AI-driven capabilities of Krutrim add another layer of sophistication to the services offered.

This move could lead to a shift in the dynamics of the mapping services market.

News Summary

Bhavish Aggarwal's call to #ExitGoogleMaps and embrace Ola Maps is a bold and strategic move.

By offering one year of free access and over INR 100 Cr in credits, he is providing developers with compelling reasons to make the switch.

The AI-driven Krutrim platform promises to deliver advanced mapping solutions, making Ola Maps a strong contender in the market.

As developers begin to explore these new opportunities, the landscape of mapping services could see significant changes.

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