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Mayank Bidawatka Teases New Consumer Tech Venture Post-Koo

9 July, 20242 min read

Recently Mayank Bidawatka, a co-founder of Koo teases at launching a new consumer tech venture.

This development comes on the heels of Koo's shutdown, following unsuccessful acquisition talks.


Bidawatka, undeterred by this setback, has revealed that he is nurturing an idea that has been close to his heart for many years.

Although he has not divulged specific details about this new venture, he emphasizes its significant market potential.

A Vision Years in the Making

Bidawatka has always been passionate about consumer technology. His latest idea, which he has kept under wraps, is something he believes will revolutionize the market.

He mentioned that the concept has a huge market size, suggesting that it could cater to a broad audience.

Despite the lack of details, Bidawatka's confidence in the project's potential is evident.

The Team Behind the Idea

Currently, a dedicated team of seven members is working on bringing this idea to life.

This small but focused team is likely to be crucial in the early stages of the venture.


With Bidawatka's experience and leadership, the team is expected to navigate the initial challenges effectively.

The cofounder’s previous success with Koo indicates that he has the necessary skills and knowledge to drive this new project forward.

Lessons from Koo

In whole journey Koo faced many ups and downs. Despite its eventual shutdown, the platform saw significant growth and user engagement.

Bidawatka and his team learned valuable lessons from Koo's experience. These lessons are likely to influence how they approach this new venture.

By applying what they learned, the team can avoid past mistakes and build a stronger foundation for the future.

The Market Potential

The confidence of Bidawatka on the market potential of new venture is noteworthy.

He believes that the idea addresses a substantial need in the consumer tech space. This belief is crucial, as understanding the market is a key factor in the success of any new venture.

While he has not provided specifics, the emphasis on market size indicates thorough research and a strategic approach.

Moving Forward

The coming months will be critical for Bidawatka and his team.

As they continue to develop the idea, they will need to refine their strategies and prepare for potential challenges.

The tech industry is competitive, and only those with a clear vision and robust execution plan can succeed. Bidawatka's previous experience with Koo will undoubtedly play a role in shaping the future of this new venture.

Author Opinion

In short, Mayank Bidawatka teases at a new consumer tech venture has generated significant interest.

With a strong market potential and a dedicated team, the project holds promise.

While details remain scarce, Bidawatka's track record and passion for consumer technology suggest that this new venture could make a substantial impact.

As the development progresses, industry watchers will be keen to see how this idea evolves and what it ultimately brings to the market.

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