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360 One Acquires ET Money: Transforming Wealth Management

14 June, 20244 min read

360 One Acquires ET Money which will become a great partnership decision for both companies and will help them in transforming their wealth management.

In a significant move that is set to reshape the wealth management landscape in India, Times Internet has sold its financial services platform, ET Money, to 360 One WAM.


The acquisition, valued at $44 million, marks a pivotal moment in the industry, bringing together two powerhouses in the financial sector.

Details of the Acquisition Deal

The acquisition deal includes a substantial cash component and share allotment.

Specifically, 360 One WAM will pay INR 85.8 crore in cash and issue 3,590,000 shares to Times Internet at an issue price of INR 779.3 per share.

This combination of cash and stock signifies a strategic investment by 360 One WAM, ensuring a robust financial foundation for the merger.

In this deal One WAM also acquire two main entities which are working under ET money named like Banayantree Services Pvt Ltd and Moneygoals Solutions Pvt Ltd.

These acquisitions are expected to provide a significant boost to 360 One WAM's portfolio, enhancing its capabilities and offerings in the wealth management space.

Strategic Implications of the Acquisition

By this deal or acquiring ET Money 360 One WAM will going to achieve a major position in the wealth management in Indian market.


ET Money, known for its innovative financial solutions and user-friendly platform, brings a wealth of experience and technology to 360 One WAM.

This merger is expected to create a more comprehensive suite of services for clients, ranging from investment management to financial planning and advisory services.

With ET Money's strong digital presence and extensive user base, 360 One WAM is poised to leverage these assets to expand its reach and enhance its service offerings.

The integration of ET Money's technology and expertise will likely result in improved customer experiences, more personalized financial solutions, and greater operational efficiencies.

Benefits of this deal for 360 One WAM and Its Clients

For 360 One WAM, the acquisition of ET Money is a strategic move aimed at consolidating its market position and driving growth.

The addition of ET Money's advanced technology and innovative solutions is expected to enhance 360 One WAM's service delivery, providing clients with cutting-edge financial tools and resources.

Clients of 360 One WAM can look forward to a more enriched and diversified portfolio of services.

The integration of ET Money's platform will offer clients seamless access to a wide range of financial products and services, from mutual funds and insurance to goal-based investment planning and expense tracking.

Furthermore, the acquisition aligns with 360 One WAM's vision of becoming a leading player in the wealth management industry.

By incorporating ET Money's strengths, 360 One WAM is well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of its clients, offering more tailored and effective financial solutions.

The Future of Wealth Management in India

This acquisition is not just a significant milestone for 360 One WAM and Times Internet but also a reflection of the evolving landscape of wealth management in India.

The deal underscores the growing importance of digital platforms in the financial sector, highlighting the need for traditional wealth management firms to adapt and innovate.

The integration of ET Money into 360 One WAM is expected to set a new benchmark for the industry, showcasing the potential of combining traditional financial expertise with modern technological advancements.

This merger is likely to spur further innovation and competition in the wealth management space, ultimately benefiting consumers through improved services and greater choices.

In Short

In short we discussed in this article about how 360 One Acquires ET Money and how this partnership will going to help both these companies.

Also in conclusion the $44 million acquisition of ET Money by 360 One WAM represents a strategic leap forward for both companies.

The major reason behind the acquisition of ET Money by 360 WAM One was to enhance 360 One capabilities and also to increase the products and services of company.

So that it can include itself in the list of largest WAM companies in Indian wealth management market.

For clients, the merger promises a more comprehensive, technology-driven approach to financial planning and wealth management, marking a new era in the industry.

This acquisition is a testament to the dynamic nature of the financial sector, where innovation and strategic partnerships play a crucial role in shaping the future.

As 360 One WAM and ET Money embark on this new journey together, the wealth management landscape in India is poised for exciting developments and growth.

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