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Melooha Acquires Munitalks to Enhance AI Astrology Services

Recently Melooha has made a significant move with a decision to acquires Munitalks. With this acquisition Melooha aims to enhance its offerings in the astrological domain. Particularly by leveraging Munitalks multilingual support and advanced AI technology stack. Leveraging Multilingual Support With the acquisition of Munitalks, Melooha aims to capitalize on the multilingual support provided by […]

ideaForge Invested In GalaxEye to Build Drone-Based Sensors

ideaForge has taken a significant step forward in the drone technology industry and invested in GalaxEye Space Solutions. This partnership mainly focus on the development of advanced drone-base sensor’s. It will also help in enhancing the capabilities of drones in various applications. Let’s delve into the details of this strategic move and its implications for […]

MedGenome Acquires GenX Diagnostics to Expands in East India

Recenlt MedGenome comes in headlines when it acquires a significant stake in GenX Diagnostics. This strategic move aims to bolster MedGenome’s presence in East India. The acquisition will combine the strengths of both companies to enhance healthcare services. Leveraging Combined Expertise MedGenome and GenX Diagnostics will work together to provide superior healthcare services. Their collaboration […]

CASHe Acquires Centcart Insurance To Enter Insurance Market

CASHe has strategically acquires Hyderabad-based Centcart Insurance Broking Services, marking its entry into the insurance broking space. This acquisition enables CASHe to hold an IRDAI-approved license, opening new avenues for selling a wide range of insurance products from various Indian insurers. With a customer base of 50 million users, CASHe aims to target the underserved […]

L&T Acquires SiliConch Systems: Strengthening Semiconductor

Larsen & Toubro (L&T) has announced that its going to acquires SiliConch Systems for INR 183 crore. The main focus of this strategic decision is to improve the position of L&T in the semiconductor market. Also the second main objective of this strategic move of L&T is to help it in expertise in fabless chip […]

360 One Acquires ET Money: Transforming Wealth Management

360 One Acquires ET Money which will become a great partnership decision for both companies and will help them in transforming their wealth management. In a significant move that is set to reshape the wealth management landscape in India, Times Internet has sold its financial services platform, ET Money, to 360 One WAM. The acquisition, […]

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