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OYO Secures INR 417 Cr to Expand Business Operations

21 June, 20242 min read

The news in trend that OYO Secures INR 417 Cr. And company reported that a large portion of this funding will be used in business operations expansion.

In a strategic move, OYO, the global hospitality chain, has received resounding approval from its shareholders.


This pivotal decision paves the way for the company to raise INR 417 Cr. This funding was raises through the issuance of 14.37 Cr Series G Cumulative Convertible Preference Shares.

Unveiling New Avenues for Growth

The green light from shareholders marks a significant milestone for OYO, signaling a robust backing for its expansion endeavors.

With the infusion of INR 417 Cr, OYO is poised to amplify its footprint in the hospitality landscape, reinforcing its commitment to delivering unparalleled guest experiences worldwide.

Empowering Growth Through Increased Share Capital

During the extraordinary general meeting, shareholders exhibited unwavering confidence in OYO's trajectory by consenting to augment the company's authorized share capital.

This pivotal decision escalates OYO's authorized share capital to INR 1,341.14 Cr from its previous standing at INR 901.14 Cr.

Such an augmentation is instrumental in furnishing OYO with the requisite financial muscle to navigate through evolving market dynamics and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

A Testament to Financial Viability

Founder and CEO Ritesh Agarwal's revelation regarding OYO's maiden full year of profitability in FY24 adds a compelling dimension to the narrative.


Clocking a commendable net profit of approximately INR 100 Cr, OYO's financial prowess underscores its resilience and adaptability amidst a challenging economic landscape.

This milestone not only bolsters investor confidence but also underscores OYO's unwavering commitment to sustainable growth and operational excellence.

Strategic Alliances Fuelling Innovation

The collaboration with InCred Wealth emerges as a strategic masterstroke, underscoring OYO's penchant for fostering synergistic partnerships to drive innovation and value creation.

This infusion of capital not only fortifies OYO's financial bedrock. But also infuses fresh impetus into its innovation initiatives, propelling the company towards greater heights of success and prominence.


In essence, OYO Secures INR 417 Cr to expand business operations. So that company can set a stage for a new chapter of growth and prosperity.

The unanimous mandate from shareholders not only validates OYO's strategic vision and operational acumen. But also instills a renewed sense of confidence in its ability to navigate through the complexities of the global hospitality landscape.

With a strong investors support OYO is ready to redefine the contours of the hospitality industry.

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