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SkinInspired Secured INR 12.2 Cr Seed Funding for Expansion

Recently SkinInspired comes in headlines when it secured INR 12.2 Cr  in a seed funding round. This seed funding round mainly led by Unilever Ventures, but also saw participation of other angle investors. Some of these other angle investors are like Dr Vaidya co-founder Arjun Vaidya etc. Expansion Plans The fresh capital will channeled into […]

UptimeAI Secured Funding of $14M to Expand AI Solutions

UptimeAI has secured $14 million in a recent funding round. UptimeAI can now enhance and expand its technology platform by using this funding amount. WestBridge Capital spearheaded this funding round and saw partnership of Emergent Ventures and Aditya Birla Ventures. Major Investment Highlights Led by WestBridge Capital WestBridge Capital, a prominent investment firm, led the […]

Infra.Market Secured Funding of INR 185 Cr, Boosting Growth

Recently  Infra.Market secured INR 185 Cr in debt funding from various investors, including Yubi and Samunnati. This financial milestone signifies a crucial phase in Infra. Market’s growth trajectory, reinforcing its position in the market. Let’s delve into the details of this funding round and its implications for the company. Funding Details In a significant move, […]

Goldman Sachs Plans a $30-50M Investment In MoEngage

Goldman Sachs plans a $30-50M investment in MoEngage through a secondary deal with the early investors of the company. This decision underscores the confidence of Goldman Sachs in the potential of MoEngage. The Investment Landscape Goldman Sachs comes to this decision at a time when other investors have announced their own fund allocations to support […]

Planet Marathi Secures $5M for Major Expansion and Tech Boost

In a significant development for the regional OTT landscape, Planet Marathi has successfully secures $5m from A & MA Capital USA. This strategic investment highlights the growing potential and attractiveness of regional content platforms in the competitive digital entertainment market. Planet Marathi, known for its unique focus on Marathi-language content. It reported that the funding […]

Immuneel Therapeutics Secured Funding of INR 100 Cr for Growth

Immuneel Therapeutics secured INR 100 Cr  funding and made significant strides in the biotechnology sector. Recently, the company secured close to INR 100 Cr (approximately $12 Mn) in an extended Series A funding round. This infusion of capital comes from Taiba Middle East, marking a pivotal moment in the company’s growth and expansion plans. Funding […]

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