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PayU India FY24 Revenue: Growth Slows to 11% Due Restrictions

25 June, 20242 min read

The PayU India FY24 Revenue slowdown with 11% as comparison to previous fiscal year. Let's understand about the full news.

PayU India has reported a revenue of $444 million for the fiscal year 2024, marking a growth rate of 11%. It's notably lower than the 31% growth recorded in the previous fiscal year.


This deceleration in growth has been primarily attributed to the stringent restrictions imposed on the onboarding of new merchants during the period.

Impact of Restrictions on Growth

The restrictions impsed on PayU India become a significant factor to slowdown the revenue growth of PayU India for FY24.

This restriction hindered the company's ability to expand its merchant base, which had previously been a major driver of revenue growth.

Despite these challenges, PayU India managed to sustain its growth momentum through increased volumes from its existing merchant user base.

Revenue Breakdown and Business Segments

  1. Core Revenue and Value-Added Services: PayU India's core revenue streams benefited from heightened transaction volumes among its existing merchants. The emphasis on "value-added" services also played a crucial role in augmenting the revenue figures.
  2. Credit Business: The credit segment of PayU India experienced a robust 29% revenue growth, reaching $107 million in FY24. This growth underscores the increasing demand for financial services within PayU India's ecosystem.
  3. Trading Loss: Despite the positive revenue growth in its credit business, PayU India faced a widening trading loss, amounting to $20 million in FY24. This outcome reflects the competitive pressures and operational challenges within the market.

Future Outlook and Strategic Adjustments

Looking ahead, PayU India remains optimistic about its growth prospects, particularly with expectations of easing restrictions on merchant onboarding.

The company is poised to leverage its existing strengths in transaction processing and value-added services to capitalize on future opportunities in the digital payment landscape.


Final Analysis

In conclusion, PayU India's financial performance in FY24 reflects a resilient business model amid regulatory challenges.

While the growth rate moderated due to restrictions on merchant onboarding. The company demonstrated agility by focusing on enhancing service offerings to its existing user base.

With strategic adjustments and an optimistic outlook for the future, PayU India is well-positioned to navigate the evolving dynamics of the digital payments industry.

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