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PhonePe Launches Indus Appstore: Revolutionize App Distribution

22 June, 20242 min read

Recently PhonePe Launches Indus Appstore which help it to expand its ecosystem in the industry.

The company is now in discussions with smartphone manufacturers to pre-install the Indus Appstore on their devices.


This move aims to boost the reach and accessibility of the app marketplace, positioning it as a formidable competitor in the app distribution landscape.

Strategic Partnerships with OEMs

PhonePe's Indus Appstore has already secured strategic partnerships with prominent original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) such as Nokia and Lava.

These partnerships signify a crucial step in the appstore's growth strategy. By collaborating with well-known smartphone brands, Indus Appstore aims to leverage their extensive user base and market presence.

Advanced Negotiations with Major Manufacturers

In addition to existing partnerships, PhonePe is in advanced negotiations with several other major smartphone manufacturers.

These discussions are expected to further solidify the appstore's presence in the market.

By aligning with top-tier brands, Indus Appstore aims to establish itself as a go-to destination for app downloads.

Ambitious User Acquisition Goals

Indus Appstore have a milestone or a primary objective to reach 150 millions users at the end of the year.


This ambitious target reflects the company's confidence in its growth strategy and the potential of the Indian app market.

Achieving this goal would significantly enhance the appstore's market share and user base.

Impressive Download Milestone

Till now Indus Appstore has reached to a great milestone of over 2 million downloads.

This milestone underscores the appstore's growing popularity and acceptance among users. Notably, Tier-II cities account for 45% of its user base, highlighting its appeal beyond metropolitan areas.

The appstore's success in these regions is indicative of its broad market appeal and the effectiveness of its user acquisition strategies.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, PhonePe Launches Indus Appstore on smartphones through strategic partnerships with manufacturers is a significant development.

With an ambitious user acquisition goal and impressive download milestones, the appstore is poised for substantial growth.

Its focus on expanding into Tier-II cities further underscores its commitment to reaching a diverse and extensive user base.

As PhonePe continues to negotiate with major smartphone manufacturers, the Indus Appstore is set to become a key player in the app distribution market.

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