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ixigo Expands Partnership with PhonePe: Flight and Bus Bookings

24 June, 20242 min read

In recent developments, ixigo Expands Partnership with PhonePe which is a leading digital payments platform in India.

This strategic move aims to offer PhonePe users seamless access to a wider array of travel booking services directly through the PhonePe app.


Introduction to the Partnership

The expanded partnership between ixigo and PhonePe marks a significant milestone in the realm of online travel bookings.

Le Travenues Technology, the parent company of ixigo, recently marked a successful debut on the stock exchanges, underscoring its growing influence and market presence.

This collaboration builds on ixigo's existing partnership with PhonePe, which initially focused on train bookings.

Diversification of Services

Initially, ixigo facilitated train bookings for PhonePe users through its platform.

However, the recent expansion now incorporates additional travel services, including flight and bus bookings.

This enhancement leverages ixigo’s robust technological infrastructure, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience for travelers looking to book their journeys conveniently via the PhonePe app.

Integration of Services

With this deal ixigo is ready to exclusively power the travel booking option on PhonePe.


Users can now access ixigo flights for booking flights, AbhiBus for bus reservations, and an expanded partnership with ConfirmTkt for train bookings.

This integration not only broadens the scope of travel services available. But also consolidates PhonePe’s position as a comprehensive platform catering to diverse consumer needs.

Strategic Implications

The strategic alignment between ixigo and PhonePe not only enhances convenience for users. But also amplifies the competitive edge of both platforms in the fiercely competitive travel and digital payments sectors.

By integrating these services, both companies aim to capture a larger share of the market by offering a one-stop solution.

Post Summary

In conclusion, ixigo Expands Partnership with PhonePe which represents a significant advancement in the realm of online travel bookings in India.

By integrating flight, bus, and train booking services into the PhonePe app, ixigo and PhonePe aim to deliver unparalleled convenience and efficiency to users.

This strategic collaboration underscores their commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions in the digital era of travel booking.

As both companies continue to evolve, this partnership is poised to redefine the landscape of digital travel services. This partnership setting a new benchmarks for excellence and customer satisfaction.

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