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Bluestone Secures $12 Mn Debt Funding in Pre-IPO Round

24 June, 20242 min read

Recently Bluestone Secures $12 Mn and secured a significant financial boost.

Bluestone is a leading company in high quality jewellery market in India. It was founded in the year 2011 by Gaurav Singh Kushwaha. With year to year growth company recently raised INR 100 Cr in debt funding from Neo Markets.


Neo Markets is a leading player in financial industry invested in multiple companies.

This development comes as Bluestone prepares for its upcoming IPO, aiming to strengthen its market position and expand its operational capabilities.

Growth Trajectory and Financial Strategy

Bluestone's strategic move to secure INR 100 Cr in debt funding underscores its ambitious growth plans. The company, known for its innovative solutions in digital transformation, has been experiencing rapid expansion.

In the fiscal year 2023, Bluestone reported an impressive 65% increase in revenue, setting a robust foundation for its future financial endeavors.

Pre-IPO Funding and Valuation Outlook

With attracting the debt funding company is also in discussion to raise about INR 830 Cr in pre-IPO funding round. It will going to a great milestone to Bluestone, and it will play a significant role for company.

After getting this funding company can improve and expand its operations in the market. Also this funding will going to help Bluestone to make its position more strengthen in the market.

This move is expected to further bolster its financial standing and propel its valuation to an estimated INR 7,500 Cr (around $900 Mn).


Such a valuation would mark a significant leap from its 2023 valuation, highlighting investor confidence and market optimism surrounding Bluestone's potential.

Strategic Vision and Future Goals

Looking ahead, Bluestone is focused on achieving profitability by 2025, aligning its operational strategies with its financial milestones.

The company has set ambitious targets, including a planned INR 2,000 Cr IPO. It aims to capitalize on its strong market position and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the digital landscape.

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, Recently Bluestone Secures $12 Mn debt funding from Neo Markets and the upcoming pre-IPO round. The funding Bluestone recently got reflect a significant mark about the potential of company in the market.

With a clear focus on innovation Bluestone is poised to redefine the digital transformation sector. It making significant strides towards its IPO aspirations.

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