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PV Sindhu Invested in Hoop to Expand a Wellness Startup

4 July, 20243 min read

Recently a significant impact seen in Wellness market when  PV Sindhu invested in wellness brand, Hoop.

In this investment no exact amount is reported anywhere but Hoop confirmed her as an brand ambassador.


This strategic move highlights the growing trend of sports personalities investing in health and wellness ventures, leveraging their influence to promote healthier lifestyles.

About Hoop

Hoop which founded in 2022 become one of the startups dedicated to selling pain relief and recovery products.

Their product range includes sprays and roll-ons, designed to cater to individuals seeking effective and convenient wellness solutions.

As part of the second cohort of Sequoia Spark, Hoop has garnered support from notable backers such as Suhail Sameer and Shantanu Deshpande.

Sindhu Role and Vision

PV Sindhu involvement with Hoop goes beyond financial investment.

Sindhu wants to promote the importance of wellness and self care as a brand ambassador of hoop.

Her association with the brand expected to enhance its credibility and reach, given her status as a celebrated athlete who understands the significance of physical and mental well-being.


Hoop Product Line

Hoop product line crafted to address common wellness issues. The pain relief sprays and roll-ons are formulated to provide quick and effective relief from muscle and joint discomfort.

The muscle recovery products are designed to aid in the healing process post-exercise, ensuring that users can maintain an active lifestyle without prolonged downtime.

Additionally, Hoop sleep support products aim to improve sleep quality, an essential aspect of overall health.

Strategic Backing

Hoop inclusion in the Sequoia Spark's second cohort has been a pivotal milestone for the startup.

This program known for supporting women-led startups, providing them with mentorship and funding to accelerate their growth.

The backing from industry leaders like Suhail Sameer and Shantanu Deshpande further solidifies Hoop position in the wellness market, offering valuable insights and strategic guidance.

The Growing Wellness Market

With time change wellness industry is growing rapidly due to increasing awareness of health and well-being.

Consumers are more inclined towards products that offer natural and effective solutions for their wellness needs.

Hoop focus on pain relief, muscle recovery, and sleep support aligns perfectly with these consumer demands, positioning the brand for substantial growth.

PV Sindhu Influence

As an athlete, PV Sindhu endorsement of Hoop is a testament to the brand's efficacy and potential.

Her influence extends beyond the badminton court, inspiring many to lead healthier and more active lives.

By associating with Hoop, Sindhu is likely to attract a wider audience, including sports enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals, thereby boosting the brand's visibility and appeal.

Future Prospects

Hoop journey just beginning, but with the strategic investment and endorsement by PV Sindhu, the brand poised for a promising future.

Wellness market is ripe for innovation, and startups like Hoop are well-positioned to make significant strides.

The combination of quality products, strong leadership, and influential endorsements sets a solid foundation for Hoop success.

Final Thoughts

In short, PV Sindhu invested in Hoop which marks a significant development in the D2C wellness sector.

Sindhu role will be very important in promotion of  importance of wellness along with expanding Hoop reach as a brand ambassador.

With its innovative product line, Hoop is on a path to becoming a prominent player in the wellness market. Its main focus is toward offering consumers reliable and effective wellness solutions.

By focusing on pain relief, muscle recovery, and sleep support, Hoop addresses critical aspects of health. It also ensure that individuals can lead healthier, more active lives.

PV Sindhu involvement brings not only financial support but also a wealth of experience and credibility, making Hoop a brand to watch in the coming years.

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