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Rare Rabbit Secured Funding of INR 150 Cr to Boost Growth

29 June, 20242 min read

Rare Rabbit has recently secured INR 150 Cr in funding from A91 Partners and Nikhil Kamath’s Gruhas.

This substantial financial boost marks a pivotal moment for the startup as it aims to expand its market presence.


First Tranche of a Larger Funding Round

The INR 150 Cr funding appears to be the first tranche of the larger INR 500 Cr that Rare Rabbit is targeting in its maiden round of funding.

This initial funding will not only help company in boosting its growth. But also it will help company to attract more funding in future with the high potential of growth.

Valuation Insights

According to estimates by Inc42, Rare Rabbit raised this funding at a pre-money valuation of INR 2,200 Cr, which is approximately $264 Mn.

Rare Rabbit current valuation underscores its potential in the market. Also this funding will help company to expand its business operations.

Impressive Financial Performance

This funding underscores a remarkable financial performance of Rare Rabbit in the market.

Rare Rabbit growth was increased in the fiscal year 2023 with a growth percentage of 77%. This year-to-year growth help Rare Rabbit to increase its revenue up to 376 Cr.

Currently company reported a revenue jump of INR 32.32 Cr. with a growth percentage of 84%.


These figures highlight the brand's robust growth and its ability to effectively capitalize on market opportunities.

Strategic Use of Funds

With the new infusion of capital, Rare Rabbit plans to strategically allocate resources to various areas.

These include enhancing product innovation, expanding its retail footprint, and investing in marketing initiatives.

By doing so, the brand aims to strengthen its market position and deliver exceptional value to its customers.

A Vision for the Future

The funding from A91 Partners and Gruhas not only provides Rare Rabbit with the necessary financial backing but also aligns with the brand’s long-term vision.

The support offered by industry leading investors will help to Rare Rabbit in its growth journey in the D2C fashion segment.

Author Opinion

Rare Rabbit successful secured funding of INR 150 Cr is a testament to its strong market presence and growth potential.

With the backing of A91 Partners and Gruhas, the brand is well-positioned to achieve its ambitious goals. It will continue its upward trajectory in the competitive fashion industry.

As Rare Rabbit embarks on this exciting phase, it remains committed to delivering high-quality, stylish products to its ever-growing customer base.

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