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Real Money Gaming: Driving India Gaming Revenue Surge

10 July, 20242 min read

The gaming industry in India is booming, and a significant part of this growth is attributed to Real Money Gaming (RMG).

This sector has emerged as a major contributor to the industry revenue, despite facing numerous challenges.


In this article, we will explore how RMG has become a key revenue driver in India gaming industry, the challenges it faces, and its future prospects.

Real Money Gaming Dominates Revenue

Real Money Gaming has established itself as the largest revenue contributor within India

broader gaming industry.

In the financial year 2022, RMG accounted for an impressive 83-84% of the total revenue.

This dominant position highlights the popularity and acceptance of RMG among Indian gamers.

The allure of winning real money attracts a large number of players, making it a lucrative segment for gaming companies.

Daily Engagement and User Statistics

Despite regulatory hurdles, the RMG space boasts a substantial user base.


Approximately 100 million gamers use Real Money Games daily, this number underscores its widespread appeal.

Among these, around 90 million are paying users, indicating a high level of commitment and willingness to spend on these platforms.

On average, users spend 8.5 hours per week playing RMG, reflecting its significant role in their entertainment routines.

Regulatory Challenges and Tax Implications

The growth of RMG in India also faced lot of challenges. Regulatory scrutiny and changes in tax policies have posed significant obstacles for the industry.

Last year, the GST Council clarified that a 28% GST would be levied on entry fees paid by users.

This decision considerably increased the tax burden on gaming startups, potentially affecting their profitability and growth.

Despite these challenges, the RMG sector continues to thrive, driven by its strong user base and the high demand for engaging gaming experiences.

The Appeal of Real Money Gaming

Several factors contribute to the immense popularity of RMG in India. The chances of winning real money attract many players on every day basis.

The excitement and thrill of competing for cash prizes keep users engaged and coming back for more.

In addition the easy access to internet and easy availability of smartphones become reasons in a decent growth of RMG in India.

Future Prospects

The future of RMG in India looks promising, with continued growth expected despite regulatory challenges.

The industry resilience and adaptability will play a crucial role in navigating these hurdles.

Moreover, advancements in technology and the increasing acceptance of digital payments will likely enhance the user experience and attract more players to RMG platforms.

Author Opinion

In conclusion, Real Money Gaming has emerged as a pivotal force in India gaming industry.

Despite facing regulatory challenges, the sector continues to thrive, thanks to its large and dedicated user base.

As the industry evolves and adapts to new regulations, RMG is poised to maintain its dominant position and contribute to the overall growth of the gaming industry in India.

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