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Sixth Sense Ventures Launches INR 2,500 Cr Fund for Startups

15 June, 20243 min read

In an ambitious move to foster innovation and growth in India's consumer sector, Sixth Sense Ventures has announced plans to launch its fourth fund with a target corpus of INR 2,500 Cr.

This new fund is set to support consumer-centric startups in their Series A stage, with an average ticket size ranging from INR 40-70 Cr, which can go up to INR 250 Cr.


Empowering Consumer-Centric Startups

Sixth Sense Ventures, founded in 2014, has made a name for itself by investing in growth- and early-stage consumer companies.

The venture capital firm has a diverse portfolio that includes notable names such as The Ayurveda Co., GIVA and others.

These investments reflect the firm's commitment to backing companies that offer unique and compelling consumer products and services.

The new fund aims to continue this trend by identifying and supporting startups that have the potential to revolutionize the consumer market.

By providing significant financial backing, Sixth Sense Ventures ensures that these startups have the resources needed to scale their operations, innovate, and capture a larger market share.

India's Growing Consumer Market

The announcement of the fourth fund comes at a pivotal time for India's economy. The country is on track to become the world's third-largest consumer market, surpassing Germany and Japan.

This rapid growth presents a plethora of opportunities for consumer-focused startups, making it an ideal time for Sixth Sense Ventures to expand its investment activities.


The growth of Indian consumer market based on several factors like family class, income level and urbanization.

These trends are creating a fertile ground for startups that can offer innovative products and services tailored to the evolving needs of Indian consumers.

Strategic Investment Approach

Sixth Sense Ventures' strategic investment approach focuses on identifying companies with strong growth potential and unique value propositions.

By targeting the Series A stage, the firm can support startups at a critical juncture in their development, providing not only financial resources but also strategic guidance and industry expertise.

Sixth Sense Ventures average invest about 40 to 70 Cr in new startups this range can also go high to 250 Cr which businesses have some exceptional potential.

This flexible investment range allows Sixth Sense Ventures to tailor its support to the specific needs of each startup, ensuring they have the necessary resources to achieve their growth objectives.

Success Stories from the Portfolio

The firm's portfolio is a testament to its successful investment strategy. Companies like The Ayurveda Co. (T.A.C.) have leveraged Sixth Sense Ventures' support to expand their reach and enhance their product offerings.

T.A.C., known for its range of Ayurvedic products, has seen significant growth, tapping into the increasing demand for natural and holistic wellness solutions.

Similarly, GIVA, a contemporary jewelry brand, has benefited from the financial backing and strategic guidance provided by Sixth Sense Ventures.

Smaaash, an entertainment and gaming company, and Freecultr, a lifestyle apparel brand, are other notable successes from the firm's portfolio.

These companies have demonstrated the potential for innovative consumer-focused businesses to thrive in India's dynamic market.

The Road Ahead

With the launch of its fourth fund, Sixth Sense Ventures is poised to continue its mission of empowering consumer-centric startups. The firm's focus on the Series A stage ensures that promising startups receive the support they need at a crucial point in their growth journey.

As India emerges as a global consumer market leader, the opportunities for innovative startups are immense. Sixth Sense Ventures' new fund is well-positioned to capitalize on these opportunities, driving growth and innovation in the consumer sector.


In summary, Sixth Sense Ventures' plan to launch a fourth consumer-focused fund with a target corpus of INR 2,500 Cr is a significant development for India's startup ecosystem.

By supporting consumer-centric startups in the Series A stage, the firm is helping to fuel the next wave of innovation and growth in the country's rapidly expanding consumer market.

With a proven track record and a strategic investment approach, Sixth Sense Ventures is set to make a substantial impact on the future of consumer-focused startups in India.

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